Will India attack Pakistan?

The attack by the freedom fighters at Pulwama occupied Kashmir has made the PM modi crazy, he has been threatening Pakistan and has alleged the attack on the buses carrying the soldiers was provoked by Pakistan.

On the other hand Pakistan has denied the allegation and has rightly asserted that India should have first investigated the matter instead of blaming Pakistan. Moreover the way more than half a million indian army has been mistreating the muslisms of the occupied Kashmir, using pellet guns to blind them, the only course left for the people of occupied Kashmir is to retaliate and challenge the brutalties committed by the Indian occupied army.

The international community instead of putting pressure on India to stop the atrocities being committed by the indian forces are silently watching the mayhem. Moreover after the attack by the local freedom fighters, the Indian army and police is conducting house to house search by using third degree methods upon the house hold and intimidating them even raping the women. The population of the valley is virtually living in constant fear.

This is how the Indian PM is treating the people of UTOOT ANG and is hoping that he would be able to subjugate them instead of going for plebiscite as mentioned in the historic resolution of UN Security Council. Even the first Prime Minister of India Nehru has agreed for the right of self determination of Kashmiri people but the the pledge was never fulfilled today, since then the people of occupied Kashmir have been fighting for the right of self-determination, almost more than one lakh Kashmiri youth, old and women have laid down their lives to obtain the right of self-determination and the struggle still continue unabated.

Now the situation in occupied Kashmir is very tense, innocent youths are being arrested, virtually the whole valley has become a garrison town where rule of might is right is prevailing. While on the other hand the Indian media is provoking the hardliners to attack Kashmiri students living in Delhi and force them to discontinue their education.

There is no sane voice being raised in India today for the people of occupied Kashmir, instead the media both print and electronic of so-called democratic India is compelling Modi to attack Pakistan knowing fully well that both the countries are armed with nuclear weapons and if the extremist Indian PM Modi launches an attack on Pakistan, the whole region will melt down in the fire of exploding nuclear weapons. The Indian leadership should think twice before going for this adventure.

The only course left for India is to hold parleys with Pakistan including the political leadership of occupied Kashmir to resolve this complex issue. Meanwhile India should with draw its army from the occupied Kashmir and stop the killing of innocent unarmed Muslims. The ball is Indian court, the peace in south Asia is attached with the Kashmir issue, the sooner it is resolved the better for the more than one billion people of the subcontinent.

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