‘Witch-hunt’ of politicians, businessmen will lead to ‘economical meltdown’: Faryal

KARACHI: PPP leader Faryal Talpur on Monday during her address in the Sindh Assembly condemned what she called “political victimisation in the garb of accountability”.
Talpur, who is a chief suspect in a massive money laundering scandal, warned that if the “witch-hunt” of politicians and businessmen continues, it would lead the country to an “economical meltdown”.
“The manner in which people have been humiliated and harassed in the name of accountability is regrettable,” she said. “This is not progress of a country or a nation. In fact, this is bringing your country to [the cusp of an] economical meltdown.
“People will not want to live in this country. There will come a time when people will want to leave this country. Such is the situation being created.”
Addressing the allegations against herself, Talpur said: “We [the suspects] do not have any problems with these false allegations. We will face them; we have faced them in the past.”
Talpur, a member of the Sindh Assembly, is under the custody of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), which is probing charges of money laundering against her.
Her production orders were issued by the Sindh Assembly last month but were not complied with. She was produced in the provincial assembly today after the Lahore High Court ordered the administration of Adiala Jail, where she has been detained, to make arrangements so that Talpur would be able to attend assembly sessions.
During her address in the assembly today, she said that the ongoing situation in occupied Kashmir was “very bad” and complained that enough was not being done for the residents of the region.
“I have to say this with regret that what is happening [in occupied Kashmir] is very bad and we have not been able to extend any help except for delivering lengthy speeches. They say actions speak louder than words, and there is no action, just words.

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