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Women empowerment


Man and woman are two wheels of the same vehicle and mismatch between the two wheels disturbs the smooth running of the vehicle. The importance of woman in any society of the world cannot be denied. Woman as mother has everlasting impacts on the human generations. No nation could flourish without developing the woman of its society. The notion can be further strengthened through the genuine expression of Quadi-i-Azam as:”I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with men”.
Islam is the ambassador of women rights and it is known to be the first religion of the world which imparted women the rights in property, denounce female infanticide and ensured her political, social and economic rights. The Holy Prophet (SAAW) himself did trade of Hazrat Khadijah (S.A.) which implies Islam encourages women in business. He (SAAW) laid stress on the education of both male and female for the uplift of society on equal footings.
Women have always been discouraged in any discipline of modern world. Pakistan comprised mostly of the backward village areas where women are not allowed to enjoy the fruits of modernity so this track-record discourages any positive struggle for empowerment of women.
Misinterpretation of the religion has been another factor responsible for backwardness of women. Women have been confined in four walls of the house. She is considered subservient to man and only tool of providing one with his heirs. Islam does not progress this type of the philosophy. Islam has suggested rights of woman equivalent to man. She can refuse even feeding the baby from Islamic point of view. But orthodox people do not understand the teachings of Islam in its true sense.
Majority of Pakistan’s population is illiterate. The literacy rate was 57% in 2011 out of which female literacy rate was only 44%. It means 56% of the women are illiterate which significantly rates high. Out of this 44% literate women majority lives in urban areas. Women living in villages mostly do not know what their actual rights and duties are. They see their fellow gender serving men right from the birth and they are socialized in this atmosphere. So, they assume themselves dependent on men for their livelihood and safety in life.
The women who have seen schools and classrooms have different outlook about life. So, an insignificant minority form 85 million women population of Pakistan is enjoying her rights and duties. Women have been deprived of economic development right from the inception of Pakistan. Job Opportunities for women are lesser. Men are preferred over women in most of the disciplines. Women comprises more than 50% of population, but they enjoy only 2% share in jobs which is impinging upon economic empowerment of women.
Lack of democracy in the country is also responsible for plight of women. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people for the people” in Pakistan have been represented mostly by men. They have suffered from dictatorial rules. For instance, Hudood Ordinances introduced by Zia regime have always been misused against women till 2005; Musharraf government amended these for the betterment of women. Conservative elements in the politics have never let women prosper or enjoy the fruits of freedom and of being equal to men in almost all respects. These conservative elements fear modernization of women as such myopia barred approximately 7000 girls from schools. The attitude of militants has taken FATA a hundred years back as highlighted by Education Minister.
Illiteracy owes its existence partly to the illiteracy of women. A woman is the first institution of a child. If she is illiterate, she cannot impart best training to the new generation and it has a long-lasting impact on the future of Pakistan generation. Female literacy rate is only 44% and remaining 56% is bound to caste its shadow on the children who are the future of Pakistan.
Women are lacking in economic fields. Currently, 4.2% of total government employees are women. Among them, only 11.9% are in BS17-12 and only one in BS-22. Women have 10% reserved quota in Civil Service of Pakistan. These figures reveal women are lacking in. Their quota needs to be increased from 10% to 20% and in all other public jobs, their representation should be ensured at least 33% as they have population of more than 50%.
Khushali Bank of Pakistan is providing easy loans especially to women. This trend should be adopted by other banks and financial institutions as well. Women should be facilitated to establish small cottage industries in their homes so that they may support in their own and family’s prosperity and enjoy the fruits equal to men.
Women were inducted in Pakistan Army and first cadets assumed the responsibilities of guard ship at tomb of Quaid-i-Azam.