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World’s moral obligation towards Afg


Afghanistan after the resurgence of Taliban and evacuation of US and NATO forces has miserably been left on the mercy of its ruining infrastructure. The 20 year unjustified foreign war followed by the irresponsible withdrawal without delivering aid to the Afghan people is like a slap on the faces of western powers who claims themselves to be the champion of ” Human Rights”. USA and western NATO ally’s forces are solely responsible for the civil war and ceaseless political instability in Afghanistan. Without any shadow of doubt the Afghan conflict and crisis is exacerbated by the constant intervention of foreign powers for their vested national interests.
Afghanistan puppet government President Ashraf Ghani fled to Oman with four cars and a helicopter full of cash, the day Taliban advanced towards Kabul and entered the city though Ashraf Ghani had assured American though he had assured US authorities to fight against Taliban to ensure that they should not returned back to the power after US forces withdrawal from the country, as USA had spent over a trillion dollars over 20 years. They trained over 300,000 Afghan forces and equipped them with modern equipment, arms and ammunition.
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also revealed his last call with former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, saying that he was prepared to fight till the death and the United States did not know of any plans of him fleeing the war-torn country with “tonnes of cash.”
Faced with a rapidly changing political situation in Afghanistan, the desperate Afghan crowd chased jets amid the chaos down the runway with some even clinging to the wheels of a US C-17 military plane. Several men clung to the wheels of a US C-17 following the exodus of US and British troops resulting
Footage got viral afterwards showing one body lying on the ground purporting to be one of those who fell to their deaths. A body was also found in the wheel well of a U.S. military plane as hours after it left Kabul, Afghanistan, amid the chaos of desperate Afghans hoping to flee with US forces considering them as their saviors.
Washington has blocked the Afghanistan’s $9.5 billion monetary reserves, flights bringing in humanitarian aid and essential medical supplies also grounded most of which are held by the New York Federal Reserves which is an inhuman act towards a war-torn nation.
14 million people in Afghanistan were threatened with starvation due to the barbaric and inhuman act of Washington.
David Beasley, executive director of the UN World Food Programme, has said “There’s a perfect storm coming because of several years of drought, conflict, and economic deterioration, compounded by COVID-19.”
Afghanistan going to ‘face Health and Economic Disaster’ as country running out of cash due to Washington insane decision of freezing the monetary assets of already economically devastated country.
Afghanistan braces for even greater humanitarian disaster looming. Washington must devise strategies and tools to ensure that Afghan civilians don’t further become imperiled due to irrational consequences of U.S. sanctions policy against Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, USA cunningly avoid to define who actually created ” AL-QAEEDA or Taliban and why they were discarded and disposed of like “used tissues” in a trash can.
U.S. sanctions on Afghanistan risk becoming a humanitarian liability for U.S. policy. There are numerous ways the Executive potentially buttressed by Congress can craft strategies to retain pressure on the Taliban leadership to live up to its pledges. USA and western powers should move forward a leaning approach to affirmatively encourage humanitarian and related activities in Afghanistan while providing commercial benefits outside the drug trade and serving the critical needs of the Afghan people who have already suffered under decades foreign powers interventions and in a situation where there’s serious human rights issues at play, it’s important to have these funds dispersed to skip financial starvation.
Twenty years after the US-led intervention in Afghanistan, competition for power – reminiscent of that rivalry between the Russian and British empires in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, and that during the Cold War in the 1980s is intensifying, complicating an already precarious humanitarian situation. Suspicion and mistrust remain the biggest obstacle to stability in strategically-located Afghanistan. No western power yet seems serious and sensitive towards the sufferings of a common Afghan child, man and woman who are already paying a huge price of heinous, ruthless and adventurous game of “influence” of the superpowers and western world. Sanctions on Afghanistan threaten to compound the already dire challenges of the Afghan people. Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries, and half of its population, including 10 million children, require immediate humanitarian assistance. According to one analysis, tens of thousands of Afghans have become internally displaced and homeless & educational institutes, hospitals and clinics have been destroyed in war. The Afghan economy is on the brink of collapse; 80 percent of the nation’s budget was sustained by international grants and aid is now at risk because of the senseless sanctions. Keeping in view, potential humanitarian crisis United States should revisit the blunt instrument of sanctions.
China’s foreign minister Wang Yi the other day has also said that “the United States and its allies have more of a duty to supply economic and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan than any other country, as their responsibilities did not just end following the withdrawal from the country”.
China has also decided to provide 200 million Yuan ($31 million) worth of grain, winter supplies, vaccines and medicine to Afghanistan, with a donation of an initial batch of three million COVID-19 vaccine doses to the Afghan people.
This fiasco of humiliating and chaotic pull out of USA and allies forces in Afghanistan was inevitable yet they cannot abandon their moral obligation to financially support the Afghan people.
There is a dire urge of the establishment of peace, stability and an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan, as finally there is an end to 40 years of conflict in the country and it should be seized by enabling the Afghans to achieve lasting peace, security and prosperity. The world should now engage with Afghanistan on urgent basis to address humanitarian needs and provide both political and economic stability to prevent a refugee crisis in the war-torn country.