What is wrong with PTI-MQM accord?

Pakistan’s political history is full of such examples when major political parties had to approach smaller parties for their support to form government at the centre. In any hung parliament smaller groups attain much importance and therefore they demand their price and major political parties felt helpless and had no choice except to bow down pay the price. We have witnessed great Tamasha’s at the Centre and in provinces. It is very strange that PTI is unnecessarily being criticized. Latest example of turn coats is Javed Hashmi and Mush hid Husain Side. The list is unending but the point must have been understood
In the present general elections there have been lot of surprises and much to the discomfort of many known stalwarts as they have been defeated in their home constituencies with large margin of votes, as a result are now crying foul that there has been large scale rigging. However ECP has ordered recounting of votes in certain constituencies where felt necessary. As anticipated 90 percent people believed that PTI shall emerge the largest party it did but not with sufficient seats to form the government independently.
The ideal situation for PTI was to join hands with the PPP forgetting differences but perhaps due to corruption charges on some leaders of PPP this did not work out. But perhaps this aspect was overlooked by PTI leadership that there are no charges of any corruption on Chairperson PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and corruption cases should have been left on the institutions to proceed as deemed appropriate. In democracy it is the number count that matters, therefore PTI had no option except to join hands with smaller groups and approach MQM for the support in forming the government at the centre on terms suiting to mutual convenience.
PML N through their team headed by former Governor Zubair entered in to negotiations with MQM publicly to seek their support. The talks were held in friendly atmosphere but MQM sought time to take decision and ultimately they said no to PML N offer. Politics is like a science and it has its own parameters. Support to PML N would have been exercise in futility as PTI is certainly poised to form the government; therefore wisdom demanded that MQM who has been away from the corridors of power should now form part of government to derive some benefit if not more. Interestingly in spite of holes in the bag MQM managed 6 seats
Jahangir Tareen the senior leader was tasked to negotiate with MQM to get their support. As a result after successful negotiations an agreement has been reached and MOU has been signed by both the parties and MQM has formally announced their support to PTI. We shall discuss MOU which is in general term with proper understanding that can be summed up as “THEEK HAI SUB DEKH LAIN GAY”
Now every Tom Dick and Harry is criticizing PTI for entering into coalition on the plea that they fought election against each other, in politics there are no permanent friends and foes, it is situation that dictates decisions. It is very strange that PML N started targeted operation through law enforcement agencies in 2013 against anti state elements and MQM to bring back glory of Karachi. To gain their support former Governor Sind had to bow down to the extent and said that the targeted operation was not against them, but it did not work and the offer was turned down by MQM. If MQM had joined PML N no one would have made any hue and cry. Now when PTI has signed MOU with MQM it is being debated criticized and old TV clips are being shown to remind their past stands. But this should not be seen in isolation as there are plenty of clips of each party accusing, and abusing each other and later joining hands.
PTI has done great favor to the people of Pakistan by breaking status quo and dominance of PPP and PML N in country’s politics and brought an end to dynastic politics and buried charter of democracy. It was very difficult task and it could only be demolished by a person having strong nerves and who could risk his life. It could only be done by a person with iron wills whose name is Imran Khan
Coming to MOU, let us analyze and see what it contains. It has nine points to which PTI has agreed. First point is about census of Karachi, it has been criticized by all the political parties that it has not been done properly and the population is much more than reflected in the census sheets. If the data is not correct no planning can be made, therefore census has to be undertaken again for allocation of resources. Second point relates to support petition on Local government in Sind, there is nothing wrong with it, Sind government has always been reluctant to hand over powers to elected local bodies members this issue is in order. Review of Karachi operation, reservations of MQM must be attended a very valid demand whether in coalition or not is a matter of concern. Next is that all appointments to be made on merit it is demand of entire nation. Next is about Octopi compensation, it is valid because when it was abolished in 1988, certain promises were made these must be fulfilled. Urban financial package was promised by PML N for major cities of Sind but it did not metalize that should be honored, it is not restricted to MQM, all will benefit from the package, Police reforms is call of all Pakistanis as they behave servant of politicians and not people of Pakistan, to de politicize police has been common slogan so what is wrong with this. Establishment of University of international standard in Hyderabad is old demand and by now it should have been completed. Election audit of disputed constituencies already promised by Imran Khan its emphasis is good thing
It will be seen that MOU does not contain anything which can be objected or termed as unrealistic. The points are routine issues which every government should have attended. Politics in Pakistan has been a tricky affair. It has always revolved around personal interests and benefits, but this myth is broken now. The bat has won, exactly 26 years and four months ago at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in the 1992 World Cup Final against England, and now his historic win in General Elections is also another milestone in the history of Pakistan. Let us hope for the best and stop criticism for the sake of criticism. Let him work in peace and their lies our salvation.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

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