Young PMA cadets stage protest demo at KPC

KARACHI: More than 200 Young Cadets passed out from Pakistan Marine Academy (PMA) every year were ignored by the Ministry of Shipping and Ports bitterly not provided employment opportunities were staged protect at Press Club Karachi with hundreds of young cadets Sub Engineers and Deck Officers over non-availability of their job after completing technical and unique 2-Year Marine Engineering and Nautical Shipmanship Course, says a Press release.
The representatives of young cadets were also met with officials of marine, ports and shipping ministry and Federal Minister Ports Ali Zaidi but no avail and given verbal assurance not a single practical step for secure their future and lives. Even three time meetings with them, they presented doable suggestions and take up their issues in this regard.
They protested in front of media, described that the country had earned million dollars through this marine field but didn’t consider them for benefits of the shipping field. They apprised that they had given some doable proposal including resolving their issues.
They said at least 10 cadets may be kept over one ship of PNSC to accommodate PMA cadets; Pakistani Sea Fitters especially cadets over one ship sponsored/chartered of Pakistan may be considered for regular job opportunities.
Forward linkages of international shipping companies/ships for young cadets at governmental level be adopted and ensure their job opportunities on permanent basis. They appealed PM Imran Khan and other concerned to resolve their genuine issues and create job opportunities at national and international level.

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