Yusuf laments negligence of NFE training; lauds introduction of first NTI

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Muhammad Yusuf Sheikh Friday said National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) should be declared as primary and sole agency of Non-formal education (NFE).
The Federal Minister on his maiden visit to National Training Institute (NTI) of NCHD, here on Friday appreciated the establishment of NTI and remarked that training in non-formal Education has been neglected part of our society and it is a welcome and considerable step that NCHD has established first National Training Institute for NFE and Literacy.
He said, “Education plays an essential role in improving the lives of individuals by enabling economic security, good health and enriches societies by building human capital, fostering cultural identity, tolerance, and promoting civic participation”. He believed that it is also our religious duty to learn, as per the saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
“The training of Master Trainers in NTI will enable us to make valuable addition to enhancement of literacy, skill development and empowerment of neglected section of society especially women”, he said.
He said keeping in view all the circumstances we should focus on languages (mother tongue) and mathematics. Vocational and technical skills should also be a part of this curriculum along with contents covering mother and child health care, up-bringing and character building, social values, roles and responsibilities towards building a nation and especially our history, he suggested.
After finalizing the curriculum guiding principles should also be developed for delivery of these topics to learners, he added. There should be a strong mechanism for the assessment of learning mile stones, which will be required for the certification and accreditation purpose, this revised curriculum should be complete resource pack covering all the aspects, he said.
The Minister appreciated the working of NTI experts and role of NCHD for the promotion of Literacy and Non-formal Education.
Chairperson NCHD former Senator Razina Alam Khan while briefing the Minister regarding revision of Literacy Curriculum by NTI experts and other stakeholders said that, “We can create a ripple effect if we ensure that children have access to quality education that is rooted in gender equality. A well-developed curriculum and well equipped teacher are the main ingredients for quality education”.
Curriculum should reflect the learning needs covering their literacy skills as well as life skills so that they could be benefited in a real manner, she observed.
“The adult illiterates will only be attracted to literacy program if they can bring a change to their livelihood”, she informed. She emphasized upon the need of observing care and hard work in “defining literacy” which she observed is highly sensitive affair.
She viewed that keeping in view past experiences and future requirements the definition should be evolved immediately.
While briefing about NTI working chairperson NCHD said that, NTI has devised a strategy named “National Plan of Action”, in collaboration with all the stakeholders to achieve educational targets of Vision 2025. This institute suggests that by the establishment of 34,000 non-formal schools for the next five years catering to educate 7 million left over children of 9-14 age group, she informed.
She informed that this institute will further develop manuals and modules to conduct trainings to build capacities of literacy and NFE personnel. This institute is also preparing a resource pack for the accelerated learning programs to be utilized in feeder schools. Research studies to be utilized in improving non-formal education system would also be devised as per need based by the NTI experts, she briefed. – NNI

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