Zardari’s U-turn

Few days ago the co chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari had threatened the incumbent Government by saying that he would introduce a resolution in the National Assembly to dislodge the Government of the Prime Minister Mr IMran khan as they are incompetent to run the affairs of thet, the country the nation cannot be governed like that.Mr Zardari has also accepted the offer o f Molvi F Rehman to participate in the APC whose basic agenda to create law and order situation in the country so that the Government o f Imran khan cannot perform well and deliver.Now Mr Zardari has said he would not participate in the APC..Mr Nawaz sharif has also distance himself from the APC.However Mr Zardari gave a big jolt to the people of Pakistan by offering his unconditional support to the government the announcement was made in the parliament, to help solve problems of economy and other issues like building of dams etc.Naturally the big question arises as what compelled Mr Zardari to sumersault? Why he is offering his cooperation to Government? Some knowledgeable quarter say that he wants to save his skin from various allegation of money laundering and corruption.His cronies like Anwer Majeed and Mr Hussain Lawai ipresident of the summit bank have been arrested, both have disclosed that the money was sent abroad at the behest of mr Zardari and his sister Faryal Almost Rs 100 billion were transferred illegally abroad causing huge loss to the national eonomy.The NAB sources say they have solid proof of the money laundering in which the role of Mr Zardari is very conspicous.It means that mr Zardari is in hot waters and he might likely go to the jail as well bring back the looted money., hence he I s offering his the government.The PTI Federal Ministe Mr Shafqat Mehmood has welcomed the statement of Mr Zardari by saying that it is good omen but at the same time the Minister said that it is his personal opinion, while there is no comment so far from the primeminister Mr IMran khan who is now in china at the official visit and would stay there till No5 .Actually zardari landed in hot waters because of his undully threat to the Government with no apparent reasons.Perhaps he miscalculated his move , he tried to contact Nawaz sharif, but failed to get his consent to launch movement against the Government.Now he is alone in the political arena while his offer to cooperate with the government is a good sign to solve many issues face by the Government but his credibility is very low in the eyes of the public as well the government.If he thins that by offering to cooperate with the Government he can save the looted amount, he is mistaken.IMran khan will not agree to any such plan, he has told the nation several times that he would not indulge in any NRO with persons like Nawaz and Zardari the two main players in money laundering and looting the national exchequer.So the only course left for Mr Zardari isbring back the looted money and handover it to the Government, only then his offer to cooperate with the government will be considered, otherwise he will face the cases where he can prove his innocence.Moreover he has no rich experience to run the Government, his tenure as president of Pakistan had no impact on good governance his nominated primeminister is facing charges of corruption.Then how can he help the Government? It is a big question.

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