Zohaib best bowler of Red Bull cricket

Zohaib best bowler of Red Bull cricket

KARACHI: Red Bull Street Cricket took place for the first time in Karachi, Pakistan and the finale of the tournament held on June 8, 2018. The event took place in the Parking lot at Hill Park, says a Press release.

Street cricket is something momentous for Pakistani cricket followers. Red Bull took an initiative for such enthusiasts by arranging Red Bull Street Cricket to showcase national talent. The tournament had 32 participating teams representing all corners of Karachi including (Defence, Clifton, Gulshan, PECHS and North Nazimabad).

Rules of the tournament were personalized according to the ground requirements to make the sport more exciting.

Hit leg side boundary (1 run), Hit the off side boundary (2 runs), Directly goes over the boundary on the off side (Out), Straight boundary (4’s and 6’s as usual). In the duration of the innings both sides were given 2 super-balls each.

If the bowling team took a wicket on a super ball, the team on the batting side would lose 5 runs. The batting side when called the super-ball doubled the amount of runs scored on that ball.

Best Bowling Award was presented to Muhammad Zohaib from Karachi Sports whereas Best Batsman Award was deserved by Asad Shah from Model Sports.

“Red bull had chosen a very good and secure place. We should appreciate Red Bull for the way they have organized this tournament for boys.

I think this activity should be continued because it’s a very healthy activity in Ramadan. Night cricket in Karachi has always been a trend whether its tape ball or tennis ball.

We must appreciate this initiative and I am delighted to see such an amazing crowd here! I am also here because even my cricket initially started with tape ball and tennis ball.

Today, the way they have organized this event is really commendable and I hope Red Bull will continue arranging such events because it is a very healthy activity for boys who stay up till Suhoor. Well done Red Bull!” – Moin Khan, Former Pakistan Cricket Team Captain.