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A thought-provoking novel by renowned author Mahmood Shaam ‘Anjaam Bakhair’ published

Manzar Naqvi

KARACHI: “Anjaam Bakhair” is the latest masterpiece penned by Mahmood Shaam, a distinguished writer, author, scholar, and journalist from Pakistan. With over six decades of experience in journalism, Shaam’s contributions have had a significant impact on shaping public opinion and fostering a better understanding of national and international issues.
As an ex-group editor of the prestigious Urdu Daily Jang and the current chief editor of the monthly magazine “Atraaf,” Shaam’s insightful observations have earned him widespread recognition and admiration.
In this thought-provoking book, Mahmud Shaam delves into the critical role played by media houses, diplomatic missions, and contractors in shaping Pakistan’s societal fabric and political landscape. “Anjaam Bakhair” delves deep into the realms of truth, where the author unveils the intricate connections between various power centers, shedding light on their influence over Pakistan’s development and destiny.
Having authored 43 books on a myriad of subjects, Shaam’s vast experience and knowledge are brought to the forefront in “Anjaam Bakhair.” Among the topics covered in his writings are national and international issues, as well as an exploration of the thinking of powerful countries like America and their implications for Pakistan.
In this latest publication, the author skillfully intertwines real-life stories of major historical events in Pakistan, providing readers with a captivating narrative that brings the nation’s past and present to life. By drawing on authentic accounts, Mahmood Sham delivers an insightful analysis of the events that have shaped Pakistan’s trajectory.
The book “Anjaam Bakhair” has been published by Atlants Publications, a reputable publishing house known for releasing high-quality literary works. The preface of the book, aptly titled “Shorish-e-Amroze,” has been penned by Syed Jaffar Ahmed, one of Pakistan’s most famous and renowned educationists. Ahmed’s contribution adds another layer of depth to the book, setting the stage for readers to embark on a profound intellectual journey.
Through “Anjaam Bakhair,” Mahmood Sham succeeds in presenting a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of Pakistan’s socio-political landscape. The book is destined to become a significant addition to the nation’s literary treasures, and readers can expect to gain valuable insights into the inner workings of Pakistan’s institutions and the underlying dynamics that drive its progress and challenges.
As readers delve into this enlightening journey, they will undoubtedly find themselves questioning preconceived notions and gaining a deeper understanding of their nation’s past and present.
“Anjaam Bakhair” promises to be an eye-opening experience, encouraging readers to critically analyze the role of various entities in Pakistan’s development and to reflect on the country’s future trajectory. With Mahmood Sham’s unique storytelling abilities and profound expertise, this book is sure to captivate the minds of readers, fostering a renewed sense of national introspection and curiosity.

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