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Athletics Federation UAE’s Asian Half Marathon 2023 to take place Nov 11

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): The 2023 November Asian Half Marathon, organized by the UAE Athletics Federation, will feature not only 5 and 21 km races but also one-mile races open to athletes from both the UAE and various other countries.
During a recent press conference at the Dubai Sports Council, UAE Athletics Federation President Dr. Abdullah Al-Umar announced that individuals of all ages, both women and men, are welcome to participate in this marathon.
This event has drawn over 2,500 athletes from 45 different countries, and outstanding performers in the marathon race will be awarded more than 100,000 dirhams in cash and prizes.
Set to take place on November 11, the Asian Half Marathon anticipates the participation of numerous individuals from diverse communities residing in the UAE, offering a unique opportunity for families and people from various cultural backgrounds to come together and partake in the vibrant festivities.
Additionally, the event will showcase a range of colorful cultural programs.