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CCUF: A grand celebration of Urdu language and culture

Special Correspondent

ABU DHABI (UAE): The Erth Hotel in Abu Dhabi was transformed into a vibrant haven of Urdu culture as the distinguished Cultural Carwaan Urdu Festival took center stage. Under the esteemed patronage of Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti and Syed Sarosh Asif, the event became a mesmerizing fusion of art, literature, music, and performances, dedicated to honoring the essence and beauty of the Urdu language.
The festival unfolded in a captivating manner, encompassing 11 enthralling segments and 40 artists that guided attendees through the diverse facets of Urdu culture. Here’s a glimpse into the enchanting journey woven by the festival:
BachchoN ki Urdu Dunya – Fostering the Love for Urdu in Young Hearts The festival commenced with an enchanting display of youthful talents, as children presented poetry, stories, and skits in Urdu. This segment aimed to kindle a love for the language among young minds, setting the stage for a dynamic festival.
Inauguration – A Vision Unveiled: Festival inaugurated by Dr Sabahat Asim Wasti, this phase provided a window into the essence and objectives of Cultural Carwaan. Special guests and volunteers were acknowledged, shedding light on the initiative’s vision and mission.
Award Ceremony – The “Safeer-e-Urdu Award” and the “Lifetime Achievement Award” were bestowed by bazme ilm o fun, recognizing the invaluable contributions of individuals enriching the Urdu literary landscape. Kamna Prasad received the Safeer-e-Urdu award, while Basir Kazmi was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards were presented by Dr Sabahat Asim Wasti.
Play “Garhi Tayyar Hai” – The stage came alive with the Urdu play “Garhi Tayyar Hai,” brilliantly presented by Rashmi Kotriwala, Zille Rehman, Meghna Gupta, and Pranav Ravindra.
“Hanste Raho” – A Hilarious Urdu Comedy Poetry Show by Khalid Masood: Laughter and poetry melded as renowned poet Khalid Masood delivered a side-splitting solo comedy poetry show, infusing humor and eloquence onto the stage.
“Kahani Suno” – A Captivating Urdu Storytelling Session: Ehtesham Shahid and Asad Rabbani spun enchanting tales that transported the audience to a world of Urdu storytelling.
“Sukhankadah Mushaira” – An Evening of Poetry Recitation by UAE-Based Urdu Poets: A constellation of UAE-based Urdu poets, including Manzoor Ahmed Hasrat, Nadeem Shahzad, Ehya Bhojpuri, Musarrat Abbas, Abrar Umar, Mueed Mirza, Hina Abbas, Syed Masood Naqvi, and Prateek Ramz, graced the stage with their poetic verses, celebrating the global impact of Urdu literature.
“Wo Tera Shayar Wo Tera Nasir” – Exploring the Life and Poetry of Nasir Kazmi: A captivating dialogue between Basir Kazmi and Tarannum Ahmed delved into the life and poetic legacy of Nasir Kazmi, enriching the festival with insights into the realm of poetry.
“Sur Taal” – A Hindustani Musical Session by Kaustav Ganguli: Music and culture converged as Kaustav Ganguli enchanted the audience with a mesmerizing Hindustani musical performance.
“Sukhanwar Boht Aachche” – An International Urdu Mushaira: International poets, including Basir Kazmi, Dr. Sabahat Asim Wasti, Fehmi Badauni, Shariq kaifi, dilawar Ali aazar, Aman Shehzadi, Syed Sarosh Asif, Zaheer Mushtaq Rana, raza Ahmed raza, and Muskan Syed riaz, graced the stage with their eloquent verses, celebrating the global resonance of Urdu literature.
Qawwali Night: Aftab Qadri and his ensemble brought the festival to a resplendent close with a spirited Qawwali performance that resonated with devotion and musical ecstasy.
The Cultural Carwaan Urdu Festival transcended being a mere event; it evolved into a jubilant celebration of Urdu culture, an exploration of linguistic beauty, and a testament to the enduring influence of creative expressions. As attendees immersed themselves in the festival’s myriad segments, they were reminded of the profundity, richness, and unity fostered by the Urdu language and culture.

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