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Celebrating Success: Noor Alhuda Investment Co’s Welcome Event 2024 held

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): 2024’s welcome event marked a resounding success as it unfolded on Saturday, February 10th, at Sofitel Downtown, courtesy of the Noor Alhuda Investment Company.
The event, graciously sponsored by Sheikh Saqer Al Nuaimi, commemorated the company’s initial milestones, showcasing its substantial growth since the start of the year.
With 120 investors in attendance, the occasion provided valuable feedback on the significant accomplishments of the preceding year while promoting the concept of secure medical investments. Noor Alhuda’s strides in early 2023, particularly with the integration of new clinics under its sub-holding company, Ammak for project management, and the breakthrough in genome testing through collaboration with Lifenity International Laboratory, were highlighted.
Loubana N.S.D entrepreneur and a smart business lady with a vision is leading Noor Alhuda investment company towards the big investments plan and adding shortly a specialty hospital will be announced soon to attract more investors when you become partner of success with Noor Alhuda company you also get the change to get the extreme benefits of the medical services provided with the loyalty membership of the investors plus the new innovation in the medical field technology.
As genome and hyperbaric therapy adding such strategic plan for long-term helps Noor Alhuda to thrive and the speech of Omar Almazroui the general manager of Noor Alhuda to assure the accomplishment of the strategic plan in the proper time welcome 2024 was a successful event in the business world of the investment building more trust in the company by existing investors and attracting more new investors worldwide who become partner of success in Dubai.
One of the speakers Khalifa Alzarouni delivered a speech to assure of the accomplishment and thanked Sheikh Saqer Alnuaimi for this huge success and for his vision which makes the investors anticipating more of success for the Noor Alhuda Company in near future.
He said, “We congratulate Noor Alhuda for the big success and wishing them all the best in future and waiting for the upcoming achievement events.”

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