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Chaudry Akhtar raises £288,000 for Kort Hospital in Mirpur at the Luton Town Charity Event in UK

TFD Report

LONDON: In Luton, over 450 people attended the Kort Charity Appeal for the Mirpur Azad Kashmir Jatlan Hospital. The event saw businesspeople from across London gather at the vibrant and lively Central Venue.
The Kort Hospital aims to provide free treatment for the underprivileged, eliminating the need for long journeys to Islamabad and extensive waiting times.
Chaudry Akhtar was present at the event, along with Abid Abbu Bakkar from Leeds and Chaudry Saber Saab.
Other notable attendees included Haji Shafiat from Luton Central Masjid, Tahir Hussain, Adeel Hussain, Aleem Hussain, Adil Hussain, and Tariq and Zafar from Inspire Radio Luton.
Though our Managing Director of Press Media UK, Majid Khan, was not present, he remains an integral part of the organizing team in Luton.


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