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Crafter’s Guild hosts Bazaar for Handmade at Bohemian

KARACH: Amidst chaos and much created panic, the rains on Friday cooled off the weather for a much anticipated and beautiful day at Bohemian the Bazaar for Handmade hosted by The Crafter’s Guild, here at a local hotel. With over 100 participants, the event was another feature to uplift and inspire community and advocate for Handmade, says a Press release.
Some brands worth a mention amidst the 95% participation by women include Cora Retail, a footwear brand returning to The Crafter’s Guild Community. Faryal Sethi’s intricate embroidered pieces made fashion statements, while gorgeous home finds by Emme as well as Essiz made easy some hosting and decor. Jewelry brands the like of Isil, Munio’s, Bareilly Bazaar, and Sijil kept busy throughout the day. Hold my Samosa created lots of conversations with its miniature decor and gifts while Mashriq by Fizza, Harusthetic, and Portraits by Zuha called for interactive gifts and crafts.
Countess organizations were present to represent inclusion and celebrate diversity, including the Inclusive Artisan Marketplace, Lehr by the Karachi Down Syndrome Program, Association of the Deaf, in addition to works by RLCC, Kashmiri Handicrafts, and women in the community by Kiran Foundation.
The Maker’s Arena was also a success with families flocking to create crafts with leather and activities to paint and play. Lego was also a pass time as children constructed and built as parents shopped.
The event was well attended and bustling with energy. Parents and grandparents were awed by the spirit of Young Creatives aged 16. Beaming faces and giddy smiles created immense spirit of community as children showcased their crafts and sold their handmade products.
The Munch Market kept foodies entertained with countless options. Popular at the event were treats by Juniper Kitchens, The Dough Rebellion, Khushi in a Box, Picklenary, as well as Seasoned.
Homemade Wholesome as always sold out its best selling brownies, while Khenjou set the flavor for its Khao Suey. Chips and Dips, Springs, Pat’s, and more kept the grill going for savories while Ottimo kept a lot of people happy serving ice cream.
With Ramadan nearing, the event made its mark with activities to support upcoming initiatives including a clothes drive and fundraising through the Orange Tree Foundation for scholarships. Support from Jazz Cash, Magnus Communications, and Skin White made the event a great success.
While the event is a regular feature every spring, its impact on the community has been immense particularly for Smile Sunshine. With focus on a clothes drive, and extending support to countless creatives across the city, Bohemian has set the pace for the very best time of the year and bringing together families in full festive spirit.
It must be appreciated that such platforms raise awareness and create advocacy to appreciate Handmade crafts, while offering countless home based ventures a platform to foster and grow. Several women led businesses have found opportunities to expand their work and clientele, while many families have been able to pursue a steady income through their Handmade ventures.