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Cyber Salus expands with launch in M-East & Pakistan

KARACHI: Cyber Salus, a leading cybersecurity company and the fastest-growing cyber company in North America, announced its official launch in the Middle East and Pakistan Wednesday. The event was well-attended by the who’s who of the corporate world and the media, says a Press release.
The event began with a bustling red carpet, after which the host, Dr. Muzna welcomed the guests, and invited the speakers Chairman Arif Habib Group, Arif Habib, Former Governor Central Bank of Pakistan, Yaseen Anwar, Banking Ombudsman Pakistan, Sirajuddin Aziz, Senior Director of Global Cyber Operations Joel Hagy, Chief Operating Officer Darrin Tyacke, and the Founder & CEO of Cyber Salus, Sher Ali Baig, and chief guest of the evening, the United States Consul General in Karachi, Conrad Tribble.
Dr. Muzna then invited each speaker to the rostrum to share their views.
Arif Habib and Sirajuddin Aziz lauded the efforts of Cyber Salus and expressed their delight that a growing and urgent need in the corporate and government sectors was finally being met.
Joel Hagy said, “With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proven track record of providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, Cyber Salus is poised to make a transformative impact in the region.”
Speaking on the occasion, Darrin Tyacke said, “With an array of expertise spanning people, process & technology, Cyber Salus offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries. Specializing in serving sectors such as financial services, oil and gas, healthcare, government, and more, Cyber Salus is dedicated to safeguarding critical infrastructure and data from evolving cyber threats.”
“As cyber threats continue to evolve and proliferate globally, the need for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been more urgent,” said Sher Baig. “We are thrilled to bring our expertise and innovative solutions to the Middle East and Pakistan, empowering organizations to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with confidence and resilience. We are also excited about investing in the youth of Pakistan via launching our Pakistan Cyber Salus office which will bring tremendous job opportunities, and trainings at highly competitive compensations to help with the brain drain that the country is currently facing.”
U.S. Consul General Conrad Tribble congratulated Cyber Salus for launching in Pakistan.He noted the Consulate’s support for businesses that invest in Pakistan. “Strong partnerships and bright ideas create economic opportunities. CyberSalusis leveraging Pakistan’s diverse talent. An American company, coming to Karachi, working on cybersecurity, employing a diverse workforce staff – these are things we like to see happening more and more!”
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