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Digital Vision Group & Waleed Al Ali Group ink JVA at Digital Vision Majaz 3, in Sharjah

Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): Digital Vision Group and Waleed Al Ali Group have officially entered into a strategic Joint Venture Agreement, marking a significant milestone in their collaboration. The agreement was signed today at Digital Vision Majaz 3, Sharjah, solidifying the commitment of both entities to work together towards mutual growth and success.
Ali Rafay, Director of Digital Vision Group, and Waleed Al Ali, Chairman of Waleed Al Ali Group, signed the Joint Venture Agreement in the presence of key stakeholders and representatives from both organizations. This partnership signifies a new chapter of cooperation and synergy between the two esteemed business groups.
Under the terms of the agreement, Digital Vision Group and Waleed Al Ali Group will combine their expertise and resources to enhance their existing business operations while actively pursuing new opportunities for innovation and expansion. By leveraging their respective strengths and market insights, both groups aim to drive sustainable growth and create value for their stakeholders.
“We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with Waleed Al Ali Group,” said Ali Rafay, Director of Digital Vision Group. “This partnership represents a strategic alignment of our shared goals and values, and we are confident that together, we will achieve remarkable success in the dynamic business landscape of the UAE and beyond.”
Waleed Al Ali, Chairman of Waleed Al Ali Group, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are excited about the possibilities that this Joint Venture Agreement brings. By joining forces with Digital Vision Group, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities, driving innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our the PTI founder during a meeting at Adiala Jail today.
Following instructions from the PTI founder, further changes in the party’s organisational structure are expected in the coming days.
“I wish to thank all members of the PTI family, parliamentarians, and office holders who have worked tirelessly and courageously for the PTI and its founder,” Ayub added.
Ayub explained his decision by saying, “As the opposition leader, I couldn’t do justice to the role of the party’s Secretary General. Another person should be appointed to the position.” He also resigned from his role as party’s Chairman of the Central Finance Board.
The development came amid reports of rifts within the PTI, with sources indicating that 27 PTI-backed Sunni Ittehad Council (SIC) lawmakers were considering resigning from the National Assembly in protest against the party’s top leadership.
Insiders revealed that 21 of these lawmakers hinted at forming a forward bloc due to the leadership’s failure to secure the release of party founder Imran Khan from jail.
They also “conveyed a message” to PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan and Secretary-General Omar Ayub, urging them to make serious efforts for the release of incarcerated leaders.
The disgruntled MNAs complained that some leaders were eyeing higher posts instead of focusing on securing the release of the PTI founder and other jailed party leaders.

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