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Entrepreneurship a key to change

Our socioeconomic conditions are getting worse day by day, so everyone is talking about change. All political parties’ people in this country, no matter where they are from, want change. Most people identify the problems, but they don’t have any solutions. Even those solutions are very utopian in nature, and the implantation of these solutions in the real world is not possible.
Everyone knows the description of the problem, but the suggestions they give are usually based on reform. If we reform our economic policy even some people think only revolution will fix our problem. In my opinion, we cannot afford any bloody revolution. Reformed is a very scientific and gradual process; it is not something people usually think of. To reform our socioeconomic conditions, we need a new elite class whose mindset is entrepreneurial rather than feudal.
If we look at our society, most of our elite are of feudal mind-set and rent-seekers. In contrast, if you look at the developed world, they have very visionary entrepreneurial elite. The history of Europe’s transformation into a developed society teaches us that only business-minded people can bring about change. These people support intellectual and financial political parties who want reform. The best example of this is the glorious revolution of the British, where traders supported the new political mindset of people against monarchy, thus reforming and bringing about new change.
So here is the conclusion: We need financers; without financing, you cannot bring revolutionary change and reform, so these new financiers are basically the new elite with an entrepreneurial mind-set. Entrepreneur comes from the French word entrapade, which means adventure. According to Australian political economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter, entrepreneurs are innovators who implant change in an economy by introducing new goods and new methods of production.
Pakistan’s government needs to launch entrepreneurship curricula and business blaster programmes in all the schools in our country, like India, which is often considered our enemy, but we don’t compete with India in education or any other entrepreneurial activity. Today, the world is based on commercialism.
Life and the universe are being seen from a commercial perspective. One teacher is teaching that Alexander and Ghaznavi were conquered; others will call them robbers. This education will create a reaction in the child. The child will not develop the ability to think and understand further; this education will confuse society by dividing it into two groups. We need to create curiosity in children. Make the character interesting, like Alexander and Mahmood Ghaznavi, whoever they are.
All characters have good and bad sides, so don’t put too much emphasis on good and bad. Pick one character and have a question-answer session with children. This will instill curiosity in the children’s minds. If Alexander left Macedonia, why did he leave? How does he mobilise so many people? How did he build such a big army? What was the reaction in society to the action he took? How he commanded and faced the challenges.
Unless the whole picture is clarified by connecting things, the curiosity to know new questions will not be created, and the ability to learn will not develop in the child. When American and European space rockets launch, you will see video of these rockets being launched, and their little children will be standing with their parents, watching this historic moment.
They used to teach their children about adventure, and these things were put in their minds from childhood. We push our children into sloppiness; the old people are into sloppiness; from whom should children get inspiration? An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking that enables you to overcome challenges.
Be decisive and accept responsibility for your outcome. You must constantly improve your skills. Learn from your mistake and act on your idea. Anyone willing to work can develop an entrepreneurial mindset.