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Escalation in Palestine issue

The world stands in utter awe as Israeli aggression and atrocities escalate day by day resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries every day. What is more shocking is the fact that the world leaders are not putting any serious efforts to put an end to this barbaric action on the part of Israeli regime.
These mere and hollow condemnations of world community and so-called Islamic army of 23 countries are merely fueling the issue and Palestinian pain by only engaging in war of words. The so called Islamic army of 23 countries was developed to counter any attack on any Islamic country but probably it was formed against Iran which is evident from the fact that they are so afraid of the Israeli attack that they have not shown any genuine gesture of displeasure.
Although Hamas does not represent the majority of Palestine, but the punishment for its attack is being imposed on the innocent women, children and the elderly. Critically, the attack by Hamas has done more harm than good to the Palestinians. Although they have drawn the attention of the Muslim Ummah and the world to the problem of Palestine but it is not possible to deny the fact that it has also given Israel a free pass to destroy the generations by brutally bombarding innocent and neutral people of Gaza. Of course, temporarily Hamas’s attack has benefited the Palestine cause as the recognition of Israel by the Arab world has temporarily stopped as the Arab world has come under the pressure of its people to some extent.
Basically, Gaza is a poor and marginalized territory where most of the people are deprived of the basic facilities of life. The People of Gaza need education and health facilities more than war but instead of focusing on education and health, Hamas spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year on the purchase of missiles, which adds to the suffering, deprivation and pain of the people of Gaza.
The criminal silence of the Muslim world on Israel’s attack is reprehensible. Their hypocritical condemnations cannot stop Israel from attacking. This is a shameful, pitiable and sad behavior. The people of Gaza need action, not rhetoric.
If the Muslim world does not have the courage to do something about Israel’s war crimes so at least they can damage Israel by cutting diplomatic ties and boycotting its products. This also needs to be done for a long time.
Indeed, for many decades, Palestinians have claimed that Western community and media have considerably proven to be prejudiced in Israel’s support. Hamas’ unexpected attack on Israel and the counter Israeli military assault on Gaza have brought this debate under discussion once again. Many media persons backed with information and empirical evidence agree that there’s a prejudice, even in household names such as the BBC, despite recent developments and mounted room for voices presenting the Palestinian approach.
Like the League of Nations, the role of the United Nations is negligible. The United Nations is limited to statements which no country cares about. A mere US veto of any resolution renders it null and void. It seems that the so-called civilized world is only working on the might is right principle.
The OIC’s role in Palestinian issue is also pitiable and it is merely restricted to paper statements and condemnations which do not prevent the Israeli brutalities to be ended. The circumstances on the eve of World War 1 and world were approximately same when world giants and powers were not playing their role to put an end to the aggression of mighty aggressors. If history is repeated again, then, the world ought to be ready for another global catastrophe.