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Freedom of speech as a double-edged sword

There is no denying the fact that freedom of speech has always been the true ingredients of democracy. As it fosters the concept of free dialogue and exchange of ideas, which steers any nation towards the path of glory. Moreover, this fundamental right can only be restricted in accordance with the prescribed law. However, this fundamental right is becoming horrendous and catastrophic with the passage of time.
As it is glanced through the course of history, the fiery picture of Mexico is not exception in this regard, which ultimately proves the fact that freedom of speech has turned to be a double-edged sword. More than 65 of the journalist were relentlessly killed due to exposing the activities of criminals, who were increasing drug trafficking throughout the country.
Along with this, the story of Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers of his time, was relentlessly criticized for his novel ideas that were against the laws of Athens is worth mentioning. For that matter, he was not only humiliated, but also was forced to exile and took ‘Hemlock’ as a symbol of punishment for shattering the conventional norms of the society. So, it clearly illustrates that freedom of speech is a double-edged sword.
Similarly, the case of Malaysia is also a glaring example of it. Where authorities have urged social media platforms to monitor harmful content in order to foster and maintain peaceful co-existence in the society, but the move has met some criticism with a view that it restricts and curbs the freedom of expression of the people; which ultimately created a sense of dilemma and chaos in the Malaysian society; which clearly illustrates the fact that freedom of speech has become a double-edged sword with the passage of time.
In addition to this, the case of Cardiff University holds the prime example of it.
Last year, Cardiff University was attacked as a ‘hostile place’ for free speech. The Vice Chancellor Colin Riordan refused to cancel a speech given by Germaine Greer, which contained offensive language towards transgender people. This refusal demonstrated the university’s commitment to free speech. Riordan argued that Greer was entitled to her viewpoint and that the university should encourage debate, rather than to shut the debate down by silencing Greer’s opinion. Free speech is considered by many to be a brilliant concept that all societies should adopt, however, when you hear about instances such as Ms Greer’s speech, it is easy to question to what extent free speech should be allowed.
Although a few skeptics claim that freedom of speech cherishes pluralistic society, leads to inclusive decision making, in real terms, fostering defamation, growing intolerance, promoting hybrid war and creating political polarization depict that freedom of speech is a double-edged sword. Moreover, enhancing social chaos coupled with rendering biased media or yellow journalism, augmenting racism, proliferating clash of institutions, burgeoning economic exploitation and exacerbating jingoism are not exceptions to make freedom of speech as a double-edged sword.
Apart from that, the proponents argue that there are multi-faceted factors fanning the flames of chaos by making freedom of speech as a double-edged sword. Deep-rooted practices of authoritarianism compounded with widespread nationalism, biased human behavior, exclusive social fault-lines are the most notable in this regard. Similarly, proliferating political chaos, melting economy and paralyzed education are not exceptions in this regard.
Some questions are looming large whether the above examples not hold grounds that freedom of speech has become an inevitable double-edged sword. Does the unchecked freedom of speech not unleash drastic implications and repercussions for the harmonious society? Do the perils of excessive freedom of speech can undermine the social stability? As it is delved deeper into the course of history, the answer to these questions becomes highly critical and prominent.
In order to turn down the nefarious tides of freedom of speech as a double-edged sword, some affirmative and pragmatic measures are direly needed in true letter and spirit. Ameliorating education, enhancing political socialization, ensuring tolerance through social awareness, and introducing decisive role of mass media can alter the malicious waves of freedom of speech that makes it a double-edged sword.

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