Ishtiaq Baig Files The Defamation Case Viz Zohaib Hasan In UK

The defamation case against Zohaib Hasan is filed by Ishtiaq Baig in the UK.

KARACHI: Ishtiaq Baig, the husband of renowned singer late Nazia Hasan, has filed a defamation case against his wife’s brother Zohaib Hasan in London, says a Press release.

I.Baig said that on Nazia Hassan’s 22nd death anniversary last year, false and baseless allegations were made by Zohaib Hassan against him due to which his reputation was affected and he decided to file defamation claim in London High Court and proceeding has started.

Ishtiaq Baig is certain that he will also get the justice from London High Court and win the defamation case against Zohaib Hassan, as in the past Mian Shehbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Mian Mansha and Murtaza Ali Shah have been provided with justice and won defamation cases in UK High Court against those who made false allegations against them.