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IWF celebrates the Quaid’s 147th birth anniversary in collaboration with PS Events & AAA Fair Deal

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): The Incredible Women Forum, in collaboration with PS Events and key sponsor AAA Fair Deal, hosted a memorable event commemorating the birthday of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at their office. The event was supported by Park View City and Skin Aura.
The event highlighted his political efforts, formative years, and personal sacrifices. The emotional side of Jinnah, capturing his love for his family and the personal losses he encountered in the path of nation-building, was brought to light.
The event was designed to, honor his immense devotion to Pakistan and inspire women to make a significant difference in their respective fields. This remembrance stood not only as a tribute to Jinnah but also as a beacon of inspiration for every woman who aspires to make a mark in the world, just as Jinnah did.
Asma Fatima’s Holy Quran Recitation marked the commencement of our event, followed by a heartfelt rendition of the UAE and Pakistan national anthems. The celebration was emceed by the dynamic Munnaza Chaudhry and featured an opening speech by the passionate founder of Incredible Women Forum, Yasmin Kanwal.
The attendees were inspired by speeches from influential figures including businesswoman and owner of Chai Shai, Dr. Noor ul Sabah, esteemed educationist and federal inspector for all Pakistani schools in UAE, Samina Nasir, and the principal of GM School and writer,
Nibras Sohail.
The main sponsor, AAA Fair Deal,presented their ambitious upcoming projects in Pakistan, including Park View City, Downtown Islamabad, and Karachi Beach Resort. These projects aim to revolutionize the real estate landscape of the region.
Fiza Khan, founder and CEO of Skin Aura, enlightened the audience about her brand’s journey and plans. The event was graced with a melodious performance by the famous singer Mustafa Zahid, who has delivered numerous hit songs.
Yasmin Kanwal: “Women are not just the backbone of our society, they are pillars for each other, standing strong and resilient, much like Jinnah envisioned. The Incredible Women Forum is a platform dedicated to celebrating and empowering women from all walks of life. The Forum hosts various events and initiatives to promote women’s success and foster a supportive community.”
Dr. Noor ul Sabah: “Jinnah’s early years were a testament to his bright intellect and the determination that would later shape the destiny of our nation.”
Miss Nibras: “Jinnah’s emotional depth is evident in the letters from his beloved daughter – a side of him that we often overlook but which added to the richness of his character.”
Miss Samina Nasir: “Jinnah’s quick wit and maturity were not just personal traits but instruments he deftly used in his political journey.”
Dr. Fiza Khan: “The unwavering support of my family has been instrumental in my journey, echoing Jinnah’s vision of a society where women are empowered and supported.”
The event also provided an opportunity for high tea and networking, allowing attendees to connect and engage in enlightening discussions. The celebration concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony and goody bags distribution by Fiza Khan from her brand skin aura, marking a fitting end to an event that celebrated legacy, ambition, and women’s empowerment.
Among the esteemed attendees were esteemed personalities who graced the occasion with their presence including Fizah Khan, Sana Barlas, Mahum Imran, Nimra Nafees, Syeda Kiran Rehman, Sajida Rashid, Sarwat Ahmed, Komal Fatima, Agha Khadija, Shireen Durrani,Shahnaz Khanam, Ghazala Khalid, Fozia Izhar, Itrut Tariq, Asma Fatima and others. Their participation added a touch of significance and brilliance to the celebration, embodying a collective spirit of empowerment and inspiration.
PS Events, the mastermind behind a beautiful gathering, echoing Jinnah’s visionary approach, crafted an event that mirrored his pursuit of perfection. Their attention to detail and flawless execution reflected Jinnah’s principles, setting the stage for a celebration that honored his commitment to excellence.