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Madad Ali Sindhi urges to promote Arabic language

ISLAMABAD: Education Minister Syed Madad Ali Sindhi has said that the Arabic language is a great asset of Muslims, says a Press release.
He expressed these views while addressing the conference organized by the Faculty of Arabic of International Islamic University (IIU) on the topic of “Role of Institutions and Individuals in the reviving the Arabic Language”. He said that Arabic is an eloquent language, it is a flowing river whose flow is increasing day by day, says a Press release.
The Minister of Education said that the role of the International Islamic University in the promotion of Arabic is exemplary where teachers from many other countries including Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia are playing an excellent role. He said that institutions like the International Islamic University should be promoted in the society and the other universities should also adopt the IIUI’s style of education.
He said that the service of the Arabic language is also worship. Talking about importance of education, he said the only solution to development lies in prioritizing education. Speaking at the conference, Muhammad Mutahar Al-Ashbi, the Ambassador of Republic of Yemen said that Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, steps should be taken to promote Arabic.
Expressing his views, Acting President of IIUI Dr. Abdul Raheman said that the role of Arabic language is important in economic and academic development. He also mentioned that IIUI is already serving the cause of promotion of Arabic language with great efforts. He apprised that at IIUI, courses of Quran comprehension and functional Arabic language are compulsory.
On the occasion, Dean of the Faculty of Arabic, Dr. Fazal Ullah suggested that Arabic must be included as compulsory subject at Primary level , as well as it may also be included on higher level in the curriculum. He also briefed about the aims and objectives of the conference.
The conference was also addressed by Dr. Habib-ur-Rahman Asim, and other researchers and experts of Arabic language.