Our Pakistan and national security

Last Friday, in the in-camera meeting of the National Assembly, Army Chief General Asim Munir paid tribute to the makers of the 1973 Constitution and said that the axis of power is the people. The representatives determine the destination “Pakistan Army will fully support Pakistan in its journey of development and success”. We should leave the discussion of new and old Pakistan and now talk about our Pakistan “To accept the right of the state for terrorists”. There is no other way, the consequences of negotiations with terrorists came in the form of their further grouping. “By the grace of Allah, there is no no-go area in Pakistan at this time. The security forces are ready for permanent peace in the country.” In this regard, intelligence-based operations are going on a daily basis. Further, it is a fact that Pakistan is the only country in the world which has achieved solid success in the war against terrorism, and against this backdrop, the Pakistan Army and the Pakistani people. Heavy loss of life and property has been suffered. However, it is necessary to implement the National Action Plan until the complete end of this scourge of terrorism, because external interference in the region, that is, terrorism is being carried out by India in Pakistan, and many new operations will also have to be done.
There is no doubt that the present Army Chief is trying to ensure the integrity of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan value the sacrifices and efforts of the security forces (Pakistan Army) to ensure national security and provide lasting peace to the country and to thwart the ambitions of the enemies of the country and end terrorism with the Pakistan Army, standing side by side. Coordinated efforts are necessary to rid the country of the scourge of terrorism. The new army chiefs of Pakistan Army who are going to launch new comprehensive operations against terrorists with a new spirit and determination, the entire nation is with them on this occasion, is standing the people of Pakistan strongly condemn the increasing hatred in the country, political and economic instability and any kind of propaganda against the state institutions and their leadership and any attempt to spread them on social media because the negative propaganda against the security institutions. Doing so has a negative impact on the performance of these institutions. The entire nation appreciates the professionalism of the new Chief of Army Staff General Hafiz Syed Asim Munir and his determination to take action against terrorism and its facilitators and hopes that the Pakistan Army under the leadership of the new Chief of staff will soon return to the country will end all kinds of terrorism and sabotage and soon there will be peace everywhere in the country.
As a result of the terrorism of TTP terrorists in Pakistan and various terrorist groups in Afghanistan, the peace and stability in the country which was established due to countless sacrifices and continuous efforts has been damaged. In order to eradicate all kinds of terrorism from Pakistan and make the comprehensive operation successful, the efforts of religious and political leadership, diplomatic, security institutions, economic experts and other people should be included so that national security can be agreed on all issues related to national security. Consensus can be established. It is also a fact that only through the successful operation of the intelligence agencies, the eradication of terrorists can be made possible. There is a need to rid the country of terrorism as soon as possible by using all other options and resources, including targeted operations. A national consensus should be established to defeat the nefarious intentions of the enemies and try to ensure that all possible measures are taken to maintain the peace and order achieved by the great sacrifices and continuous efforts of the martyrs of the Pakistan Army.
The situation in the region seems to be changing rapidly. There is a Taliban government in our neighboring country Afghanistan, the current Taliban government does not look much different from the policies of the first Taliban government. Pakistan-Afghanistan relations are based on many decades and are brotherly. Yes, however, in the past, these relations have sometimes been warm and sometimes soft. Whatever is happening or is going to happen in Afghanistan, the local leadership, the United States and the international powers that forced the Taliban to wage armed struggle are responsible for it. Whenever Pakistan is threatened with war by the neighboring country India, the general perception is that perhaps Pakistan is a weak country in terms of defense which India will control through bullying and threats. Actually, Pakistan is a peace-loving country and believes in solving all the problems through negotiations. Human lives are valued. Pakistan understands that war is not the solution to any problem. Pakistan wants all outstanding issues to be resolved through mutual dialogue, but India’s continued refusal to negotiate is confirming that India does not want peace in the region but “war”.
Monitoring the borders is a difficult task because along with their own security, protecting the borders is also included in their duty, so when the time of a tough test comes, these young people give their lives to protect the dear country. Continued from “which is not visible to everyone. We should think that these young people are also someone’s children. They put their lives on the palm of their hands. If they are responsible for our protection, they should be valued and every love of the country Pakistanis should be given to them.” Values’ accept those who are playing in the hands of anti-national agents or speaking their language, they have no idea how these army youth are protecting the country and laying down their precious lives to defend it. When the Pakistani nation sleeps peacefully, the pure blood of the uniformed people is added behind it, without which the history of Pakistan is incomplete. Pakistan is facing many enemies than itself. Despite the limited resources, we are competing with these Kadal Jagris and will continue to do so in the future. Although we lack resources, it does not matter, these young men of ours continue to perform great feats for the sake of their country, and they will continue to do so in the future, but they will not let any harm come to the country. This is the commitment of every Pakistani, which will be fulfilled in any case.