Pakistani students keep an immense potential, need to shape, feels Naheed Sajid

Our country’s determination and spirit show up in our classrooms;
Students who have endless creativity & potential can change future
of Pakistan if government supports, Senior educationist tells TFD


Muhammad Umar Waqqas

KARACHI: Naheed Sajid has been serving Pakistan’s private schooling system for 40 years. She unveils hidden potential of young Pakistani students, she sensitively observed the ingenious creativity in students during her career based on almost 4 decades. She strongly believes in incredible abilities in Pakistani students and she concerns that it has never been taken seriously by any government.
Naheed Sajid says “Looking back at my 40-year journey as an educationist, working as a principal in reputable schools in Karachi, I want to share the untold stories of Pakistan’s education sector – especially in private schools. This journey with challenges, determination, and strong commitment shows the hidden strengths our country holds.
Working in Pakistan’s education field has been both fulfilling and tough. The private sector, especially, is a lively place where we nurture young minds. But there are difficulties, from not having enough resources to coming up with the latest teaching methodologies. Financial problems make it hard for us to build better classrooms and providing good education feels like a big challenge sometimes. Let’s delve into the issues faced by Pakistan’s education system, especially in private schools.
The path is riddled with tremendous hurdles, but solutions can light the way forward. Resource constraints and changing teaching methods trouble private schools. Fund shortages hinder improving facilities, while ensuring good education remains tough.
Collective effort is vital. Private schools, the government, and organisations must team up. Enhancing teacher skills, embracing technology, and upgrading school spaces can raise the quality of education.”
She points that “Parental involvement is a game-changer, their support boosts learning. Individual needs matter too. Customised teaching protocols help each student to thrive. However, amid these difficulties, I’ve seen the brilliance of young students shining. Our country’s determination and spirit show up in our classrooms. With proper support and opportunities, students who have endless creativity and potential can change Pakistan’s future In Sha Allah.
Naheed Sajid is optimistic and believes in inclusive effort to achieve the goals, she says “I would like to invite young business people and dreamers to think about education. Contributing power to shape young minds is essential, help communities and bring positive change in our educational societies. Be open to new ideas, make sure everyone can be a part, use your resources to help more students so that they could get a good education.”
“Globally, people need to know about Pakistan’s hidden strengths. Our young people have creativity, determination and a strong desire to learn. They can change the perception of what the world thinks about Pakistan. To sum up, my work as an educationist has been full of hard work and love. There have been many challenges, but seeing young students become leaders has been priceless. Let’s all work together to transform our education in a better way and show the world how amazing Pakistan’s potential is,” Senior educationist Naheed Sajid tells TFD.