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Preventive measures before it’s too late

Everyone is familiar with the condition of Pakistan in 2022. When the states two provinces are hit by a devastated flood that not only taken worthy human lives.
Furthermore crushed the state infrastructure moreover the state economic conditions couldn’t be able to cope the condition.
Now looking at the globe condition and regional tension you would come to see that how a wealthy economic state like UAE and Dubai are suffering from these problems more over the middle eastern state also adding Russia and some parts of South Asia have also suffered from this problem as in most of the area’s water is rushing through cities.
However we have seen the situation of Pakistan in rainy season of February-March as there was lack of management in Balochistan and KPK that results in about more than 100 casualties as it was not that severe that happens in the past none the less the NDMA and other managing faculties have to failed to cope with that situation.
The weather reporting by Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) has threatened Pakistan for the severe flooding in monsoon season that could results in devastation and can make the condition of the country even more worsen as the state in suffering from high inflation.
In case of flood we see that there will be spread out of disease and infrastructure will be get harmed and above all there will be casualties of common people as we have seen last people have been living in the camps they don’t have sanitation and available food for the basic needs.
There must be an awareness campaign via through media or social media platform the media can play it’s part by making some sop’s so everyone must follow in case of any emergency there must some seminar on that topic in the school or university so the youth and everyone must pay attention to that problem so that better management will be possible.
In the current situation of the state as Pakistan is suffering from harsh economic derail the deficit budget is going to announced soon the policy maker have to short-list the budget package to that problem also and work on that infrastructure development measure now again the big problem comes from the political polarization in the government assembly as we see the opposition and current government is not standing for the purpose of common people and this thing had effected the policy maker in last flood in 2022 as we have seen the province and federal government due to their polarization the common people have been suffered and now again if this thing happened so the results will be the same.
Now to coming to the solution as the state can make it policy so first of all they have to highlight the areas where the flood’s have come and make the most damage some units have to be built there so in case of any emergency all the workforce will be aware immediately furthermore there must be a place referred to the people in case of flooding in that area none the less food resources and basic needs have to available there and the health system must be protected there as we have seen last time the only liver transplant hospital couldn’t be protected by the Management authority so these places have to be prior first the basic thing’s must be provided for the people on subsidies rates like food tent’s and every basic necessity.
The state agencies like NDMA must have to work hard and figure out this problem as we have seen that almost 12 billion dollars have been wasted from Pakistan economics thought in all the flood’s and now we have seen that the current account of the State is in severe deficit if the problem couldn’t be handle and state wouldn’t prioritize these problems that results would have to bear by the common people.
Above all this the state have to be well prepared for any hazardous problem that is related to the common people the political leaders have to make polices in favor of common people and every problem should be dealt by now well managing way so the people have to restore their people on government and lack of improvisation by the NDMA should be inquired on a high-level and managing polices should be on the current demand.

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