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Projector Union brings ‘a new project’ to modernize teaching techniques for govt schools

Muhammad Umar Waqqas

KARACHI: Education is a fundamental right of every citizen and is considered a cornerstone for the progress and development of any nation. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, the state of education has been in a deplorable condition for a long time. Despite the efforts of various governments to improve the situation, the latest available facts and figures show that the education sector in Pakistan is still far from satisfactory.
One of the biggest challenges facing the education sector in Pakistan is the inadequate allocation of funds. The government has not been able to meet the required funds for education. As a result, the education sector is deprived of the necessary resources, including quality infrastructure, trained teachers, and modern learning materials.
The lack of modern facilities in the Government schools in Pakistan can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is a shortage of trained teaching staff and low resource facilitation, which hinders the implementation of modern techniques and technologies.
Modern education in Pakistan is essential to bring significant changes in Government schools countrywide. The focus should be on incorporating new technologies and pedagogical approaches to better prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.
Wali Shah, CEO of Projector Union emphasised the importance of technology in improving education. He noted that while digital transformation in education remains a challenge in many countries, the new era of digital learning necessitates collaboration among government leaders, curriculum publishers, equipment manufacturers, technology providers, and service organisations. Aligning these stakeholders is essential to enable comprehensive change and unlock the full potential of technology in public schools education.
He informs that Projector Union recently introduced a New Education Development Project (NEDP) which is specially designed for Government schools of all provinces. He claims that their extensive experience in digital teaching support, particularly in multimedia projector systems and audio/video installation, has been in progress since 1998.
Wali Shah says, “The installation of AV equipment in all classrooms is beyond the reach of everyone due to its high cost, the need for timely maintenance, the complexity of interfaces and software updates, the need for online solutions, the need for training to address operational issues and the challenges associated with after-sales service. We are thrilled to provide comprehensive solutions and long-term services to encourage the digital education culture in Pakistan.
“The quotation for a multimedia projector, a projector screen, an Android system and the installation of a ceiling mounting display with two speakers, an amplifier, and a microphone goes incredibly high. The quotation under NEDP project is surprisingly low with a one-year replacement warranty, after-sale support, and training services. As professionals in the educational industry, we believe it’s a great opportunity to transform old classrooms into digital classrooms that may take learning to the next level of modernization.
“There is a great demand from faculty for advanced audio-visual and presentation products instead of traditional teaching and communication modes. It has been a rewarding experience navigating the challenges and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure its success, as our company is one of the pioneers to bring and introduce teaching aid equipment and IT solutions in Pakistan,” Wali Shah, CEO of Projector Union tells The Financial Daily.

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