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PTCL Group coops with GSMA to end digital gender disparity

KARACHI: Pakistan’s leading ICT services provider, PTCL Group (comprising PTCL & Ufone 4G), joined forces with the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) to co-host a momentous knowledge-sharing workshop titled “Connected Women Strategy Workshop.” The primary objective of this workshop was to tackle the gender gap in mobile usage in Pakistan, leveraging insights from the authoritative Mobile Gender Gap 2023 report.
During the workshop, the invaluable expertise of the GSMA team in the realm of mobile technology usage by micro-entrepreneurs played a pivotal role in guiding the PTCL Group team. The collaborative efforts led to the identification of strategic pathways for harnessing the transformative potential of mobile technology. This newfound understanding facilitated the development of innovative approaches tailored explicitly towards empowering women micro-entrepreneurs, fostering their growth, inclusivity, and economic empowerment through the effective utilization of mobile technology.
Sajid Munir, Group VP Commercial Strategy, PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed “Amplifying connectivity for women across Pakistan is our unwavering dedication. Working hand in hand with GSMA, we share the mission to ensure that women from every corner of the nation can fully harness the untapped potential of digital platforms.”
PTCL Group is committed to an inclusive digital future, bridging the gender gap, and empowering women economically. Partnering with GSMA, they strive to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, fostering success in the evolving digital landscape. This collaboration marks a powerful step towards gender parity in mobile usage, driving positive change for a more inclusive and empowered society in Pakistan.

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