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Rest are Poor because few are Rich

The progress of any country is not measured by high rise buildings motor ways or palatial houses like Bilawal Houses but its measure lies what is the living standard of common man. Are they being adequately fed? Do their children have facility to go to school? Are they being looked after by state in providing them with basic necessities of life? Are they getting equal opportunity in employment? Are the children getting education? Are their fundamental rights being protected? Is state fulfilling its responsibilities towards people as guaranteed in the constitution? Are they getting health facilities?
The first and fore most duty of any government is to protect life and property of each and every citizen irrespective of caste and creed, is it being done? Are their fundamental rights protected under Article 8 to 28 as per constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Why people are just lifted without informing their kith and kin? Why there are forced disappearances? Why there is no protection against kidnapping? Why people are shot and culprit gets away? Are they getting quick justice? Are they having freedom of movement and speech? One can go on adding to never ending list of woes of people but a correct analysis shall reveal that no such obligatory provisions of constitution are being practiced by the governments. There are three different rules being followed in this country first one is for VOP (very ordinary person), second is for VIP (very important person), and the last one VVIP (very very important person). These can be grouped in three categories. Poor, middle class, and elite. We don’t require to hold seminar’s, discussions, talk shows to determine how people are being treated by state machinery. Everyone can observe with his own eyes. One thing stands fully exposed without any doubt that in our state two different laws are being followed. One for the poor and one for elite. The concept of fair play and justice is in books only as a result poor continues to suffer. It is so painful to mention that over the years Thana culture has deteriorated and is worst, people are dragged and beaten mercilessly with no remedy. There is no distinction between men and women while torturing them, small children and youth is maltreated everywhere. Women are considered weak and therefore in our culture we all respect women because she wears many cap. She is either mother, wife, daughter or sister. In recent past we have observed extreme brutalities by police dragging women beating and molestating them and indulging in torture. No one is there to stop and rescue them. This has tarnished image of Pakistan in outside world. Clear violations of human rights without any fear of law and accountability. The highest forum of justice is quiet, gradually we find rule of law being buried so that might be right prevails. We have forgotten lesson of our Prophet PBUH to treat all human beings alike especially older people men and women and children. What is practically happening is no more a secret. Go in any office unless you bribe (pay speed money new name of bribe) file does not move. Bribe has become so common that any illegal work can be done through this tool. Different Mafias are operating in the country who control the economy of the country. Overseas Pakistanis properties have been forcibly occupied by land mafias there is no relief, no one can help them. In actual fact rule of law is on papers but is not visible anywhere, Government claims that it is propaganda against them but practically it is false claim. Their interpretation is based on “access to certain consumer goods” like TV, Micro Wave oven and Cell phone. No, it is not correct. You cannot eat cell phone. A cell phone does not provide you, housing, education and health facilities and employment. The cost of cell phone is much cheaper whereas cost of essential items to remain alive are out of reach of common man. BISP and welfare organizations have turned majority of the poor people into beggars. It is more appropriate to establish factories of this money to generate more revenue and reduce unemployment instead giving cash is simply wastage of peoples taxes.
Question arises where the poor and oppressed people should go. At present there is no forum where poor can go and lodge their complaint. The entire nation is sick of total absence of rule of law and waiting for Messiah and divine intervention. On one hand people are not getting justice on the other hand our apex court stands divided, government and its ministers openly say that they will not accept the decision of SC, then why have them? This is a unique superior court in the world where everyone can observe and see with their own eyes the split alleged to be supporting a particular party. Some prominent leaders openly accuse and use derogatory and highly objectionable remarks against CJ and other Honorable Judges. There is no more fear in any leader of any party on account of contempt of court. The Parliament amending rules to curtail CJ powers suiting to their own convenience is highly objectionable disregarding Article 68 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, no one is pushed. Ministers openly criticize formation of benches and demand exclusion of certain judges and inclusion of judges of their likes. New phenomenon has been observed where Honorable Judges are threatened of dire consequences. Recording of official and private conversation has become a matter of routine, dirty video clips of known political figures are loaded on social media for their character assassination. There is no check on You Tube channels, anybody can open and start production without any fear and permission. There is selective accountability and application of laws. Looks as if everything has collapsed. Latest national tragedy of boat sinking in carrying poor job seekers around 300 young people have lost their lives after paying more than 2 million each. No human trafficking can take place without the connivance of FIA, governments offering condolences and appointing committee to probe this human tragedy is just eye wash. Each family should be paid minimum 10 million as compensation apart from taking action against officials responsible who failed to stop illegal departure of these unfortunate children.
Lastly by now it should be clear as to who is responsible for overall poverty in Pakistan that keeps multiplying each day. It is the rulers and parliamentarians who are responsible to ensure people remain poor so that they are not challenged. Austerity starts from the top, that is altogether missing. How the people money is wasted a little glimpse of past rulers they spent on foreign tours should open our eyes. 6 Days visit of former President Asif Ali Zardari to US in 2009 cost state $752,688. Former PM Nawaz Sharif $ 549,853 and of IK $67180 with no chartered flight no 7-star hotel. The parliamentarians only legislate to increase their own perks and benefits instead providing relief to lower class. This is election year, people should wake up and don’t waste their vote by reelecting the tried ones, that is the only way to get rid of this rotten people who have become rich at the cost of poor.

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