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Role of GTA Balochistan (Constitutional) And Problem of Teachers

GTA Balochistan’s (Constitutional) Functions and the Teacher Problem

Balochistan is the unfortunate province of Pakistan, which is always separated from a community and a friend due to corruption, violation of merit and wrong policies of Nepalism. They are dealing with problems, and these problems lead to backwardness in the field of education instead of the development of the province.

Because big people here are big thieves, no one can try to probe and investigate because then there is a high pressure on their sensitive moods. As a result of these wrong and illegal decisions, the legal teachers of GTA of Balochistan are disappointed. With the separation, they also created a separate organization and started a struggle for their rights under themselves.

The Balochistan Government Teachers’ Union is a clear proof of corruption among the educational authorities. The meeting of teachers of GTA Balochistan creates more problems and obstacles instead of solving the problem, it violates our fundamental rights, which not only causes problems to the teachers, but also causes losses, but also leads to administrative corruption. There is also evidence of the involvement of the senior members of the first organization. They are trying to hide their bad actions from our failure. They are also creating problems and obstacles for the new organization.

The GTA constitution was registered in 1958. It has fought admirably to solve the problems of teachers, to get their rights, to defend and protect their rights. And teachers have been given many privileges, the institution has its own constitution and procedure. There are solutions and procedures for all the problems, the cabinet is also there, the administration has the authority to form three councils. The advice is great.

The administration of the organization, whose members are the provincial cabinet and presidents, general secretaries, members of the organizing council of each district and constituency, is required to conduct elections of districts, constituencies and provincial councils every two years. Teachers have this ability. As members and officials of the organization, DDOs who hold administrative posts are not eligible for any post.

Unfortunately, since the past thirty five years, the administration has become the property of self-interest and a few people. In 2017, after 60 lakhs of bribes, the administration secretly registered its name and overnight by paying lakhs of rupees, it became a private property. Decided to form an alternative cabinet.

Such actions created such confusion in the organization of GTA Balochistan that the leaders of the organization stood on the feet of other political leaders instead of the constitution. Haji Mujibullah Ghorshin and his friends were asking for free polls, free elections, and the respect of the Constitution, so that the teachers here would not be forced to protest.

At the same time, he asked the first administration to stop interfering in the districts, to conduct an investigation of 60 lakh rupees, to respect the authority, but these elements were not ready to cooperate for their own interests. Haji Mujibullah Ghorshin. On the advice of legal and constitutional experts, on March 25th, 2018, Balochistan government decided to start a protest movement by announcing the formation of JTA Constitution and started a series of strikes. , which unfortunately could not continue after some time due to corona disease.

Due to the corona virus disease, it was delayed when the schools opened after the corona virus In the light of the decision of the Shul No Council meeting, on March 15, 2021, symbolic iron strike camps were organized in all districts including Quetta, and on March 25, the leaders of the province did not eat outside the Quetta Press Club.

It was decided to go on strike, during which the same elements along with other organizations announced a protest in a press conference on March 19th and a protest on March 29th at Hockey Chowk.

There was an attempt to sabotage, but the leaders failed with their own strategy. On March 25th, teachers from all the districts of the province reached Quetta and called a large protest procession from the Directorate Shawakshah Road.

Teachers from all the districts of the state reached the city of Quetta. During the preparation of the siege at the Press Club and Chief Minister’s House, Deputy Commissioner Quetta called Major Orangzeb Badini leaders for a discussion and Education Secretary Sher Khan Bazai also called them and announced the end of the protest. After various processes, the summary reached the Chief Minister, after which he again started a hunger strike on July 18 and continued on August 3 in light of the decision of the 2022 council meeting.

He started a food strike, during which demonstrations were held. The protests of the female teachers also continued, finally the Chief Minister of Balochistan approved the upgradation of teachers on September 2nd, then on the 8th of September in the meeting of the provincial cabinet, he approved it and issued the regular minutes on September 23rd.

Abdul Qadoos Bizenjo along with ministers and assembly members came to the Boy Scouts Headquarters Quetta and congratulated the teachers on the upgrade notification, but was delayed by some corrupt bureaucrats. Enmity with the teachers through the conspiracy and the expenditure of one billion and eighty crore rupees is nine billion rupees.

It has been shown that until the notification of upgradation of teachers is not issued, in view of this situation, a protest movement has been decided in the meeting of the provincial cabinet. Against the indifference of those obstructing the issuance of the teachers’ promotion notification, a hunger strike started again on December 5th.

Senior members are being treated in the hospital. Hospital, while many have been transferred from the hospital to the camp, in addition to the deteriorating health conditions of the striking teachers, the government’s traditional indifference to the demands of the teachers remains.

C parties, all workers, organizations, trade unions, federations, trade associations, Balochistan Bar Council, lawyers’ organizations, tribal leaders, and civil societies, in addition to demanding their rights, have joint struggles and protests in different cities of Balochistan. touched The series of standing on the side of the assembly and announcing their work plan is continuing and yesterday also the speakers in the rally to join the teachers said that if anything happens to the teachers, the responsibility will be on the government.

Education-friendly Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Qudous Bizenjo Asad Baloch and other education-friendly ministers have so far accepted the demands of the JTA constitution and have issued notifications in their favor. That the GTA has solved Balochistan’s problems, which is a very regrettable act. Anti-educational officers are working secretly in the education offices, until the GTA does not accept and implement such policies, there is a risk that it will have a bad effect on the education system of Balochistan.

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