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Salsoft sets out advanced IT exports strategy for 2024

Rapid adoption of modern IT technologies immensely significant
for the socio-economic development of the country, the President
Salsoft Technologies Muhammad Imran Latif informs the TFD

Muhammad Umar Waqas

KARACHI: Karachi based Salsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is one of the pioneer Information Technology firms of Pakistan established two decades ago is leaving its deep footprints on the national economy now to be followed by emerging and dynamic management with a talented and rising workforce. CEO Salman Ghaznawi began this journey in 2002 solely and today Salsoft is operating in the US, China and other parts of the world. Microsoft honoured Salsoft as their Gold Partner & Amazon honoured them as their Preferred Partner in the year 2022.
President Salsoft Technologies Muhammad Imran Latif says “The rapid adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is immensely important for the socio-economic development of the country. In the spirit of youth development, professional governance, revolutionary policies and visionary approach, our main focus is to assist in the growth of Pakistan’s economy.
The efforts are paying off as the IT industry is growing in terms of the number of companies, revenue, exports and workforce every year thereby demonstrating clear confidence in the ability of the local companies to deliver IT solutions and services which meet the expectations of foreign clients. I am pleased to inform you that Salsoft is now a well-established IT services exporter to clients across the globe. We are serving the world’s largest companies as their clients. You might find it interesting to note that according to the Global Gig Economy Index 2019, Pakistan is ranked as the 4th most popular country for freelancing in the world.
Pakistan’s ICT Industry has been a resounding success story for Pakistan, having achieved a stellar remittance inflow growth rate and being the largest net exporter in the services sector.
Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) exports experienced a remarkable surge of 24% in May 2023, reaching a total of $236 million. This surge, compared to the previous month, is a positive sign for the IT sector, although there was a slight decline of 1% in exports on a year-on-year (YoY) basis.
Speaking to The Financial Daily International, President Salsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Muhammad Imran Latif, said “IT services showed notable growth on a month-on-month (MoM) basis, with increases of 92% and 11% respectively. In the computer services segment, the export of software, other services, and software consultancy recorded growth rates of 14%, 13%, and 8% respectively. However, during the 11 months of FY2023, technology exports amounted to $2.369 billion, which marks a 1% decline compared to the previous year.”
Pakistan, which has about 60% of its 250 million population in the 15 to 29 age group, represents an enormous human potential and knowledge capital. Pakistan has more than 2500 IT companies & call centres and the number is growing every year. Pakistan has more than 350,000 English Speaking IT professionals with expertise in current and emerging IT products and technologies, 13 Software technology parks.
More than 20,000 IT graduates and engineers are being produced each year coupled with a rising startup culture. Information technology has assumed a central enabling role in the emerging dynamics of a knowledge society and knowledge economy. It is a key lever of economic development. Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) sector is carving a differentiated position as the preferred source for software development, BPO and freelancing. Pakistan was ranked at number four for freelance development in the world and IT exports have increased 70% during the last three consecutive years.
Imran Latif tells “Salsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Pakistan’s one of leading IT & consulting companies, provides Digital Designing & Marketing, IT Hardware Solutions, Technology Consulting, Staff Augmentation, DevOps, Printing & Packaging and bespoke Software & Application development, transforming businesses across the globe. Salsoft’s current workforce consists of 1,500+ professionals globally.
“Salsoft is creating value for clients’ businesses by enabling them with technology & efficient operating models. During the past 20 years in the market, Salsoft has international clients belonging to numerous industries including Education, FMCG, Automotive, Healthcare, US Federal, Real Estate, Entertainment and more. Salsoft has completed 350,000+ projects successfully in the last two decades, we train & enable youth to serve the country.
“In accordance with Pakistan Vision 2025 and the Digital policy of Pakistan 2018, the ICT industry size is targeted to reach $20 billion by 2025 with our tireless dedicated efforts.”
“The Government should lead the initiatives pertaining to IT Growth. They should bring more initiatives regarding Emerging Technologies, payment gateways and allied verticals. The Government should believe in facilitating youth training, modernization and investments in the IT Sector. To match this spirit, the Ministry of IT & Telecom should implement an open door policy to provide facilitation round the clock,” President Salsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Muhammad Imran Latif tells The Financial Daily.