SCRF 2023 offers fun, learning, creativity to young book lovers, families at Expo Centre Sharjah

Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): SCRF is more than a festival – it’s an ecstatic celebration that goes beyond one age group, enriching the whole family whilst instilling a love of reading in the youngest of children.
This year’s SCRF various activities include different workshops, cultural seminars and theatrical performances for children and family members.
Discussion Forum “Comparing children with their siblings or peers will break confidence.”
During a cultural forum discussion Psychologists and child development experts have warned parents that comparing children’s capabilities with their siblings or peers negatively impacts on their psychological development and may set them back for life with low confidence, insecurities and a weak self-esteem. These critical observations were shared with parents, teachers and early-years educators who attended a panel discussion.
The discussion titled ‘Comprehension and understanding of the psychological challenges of children in a changing world’ was led by Nabeela Makram, Founder and Chairperson of Fahim Foundation for Mental Health Support; and Dr. Abdel Nasser Omar, Psychologist and board member of Fahim Foundation.
Dr. Abdel Nasser Omar said “Parents should raise their children to be independent, decision-makers, capable of standing up and defending themselves”, For her part, Makram said: “Parents should read, research and also listen to experts on ways to build a nurturing environment for their children. They also need to create safe spaces that will help them connect with their children and build trust”.
The world’s favourite group of young Ugandan artists, Masaka Kids Africana, has captivated audiences with their first-ever performance in Sharjah with a heartwarming show.The stage was set at the Ball Room, the lights dimmed, and the audience eagerly waited for the dance performance. As soon as the music started, the dancers took the stage with an electrifying energy and immediately captivated the audience with fluid and graceful movements, perfectly
in sync with the rhythm of the music.
The Masaka performed rhythmic dances, from Afrobeat, Boga, Reggae and diverse African dances and moved their feet to some iconic international and African songs. As the performance continued, the audience was entranced, their eyes fixed on the dancers as they moved across the stage conveying so much emotion with their movements and each step telling a story that left the audience entertained and inspired.
The spirit of Forests, an entertaining action – musical, is roaming the halls of the Expo centre Sharjah, uplifting the energy levels of scores of visitors and also turning their attention to the significant issue of environmental conservation.
Wearing camouflage outfit with artificial leaves and accessories mirroring the colours of nature. The three member entourage consists of a stilt Walker Gwendal Louyer who is also the producer of the show and musicians Luisa (flute) and Guillaume (drums). Louyer does not just walk on the stilt but he can jump and crouch in the same step as he reaches out to even those watching him in awe from a distance.