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Shahi Gate of solid fort of Hyderabad gives in during repair

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HYDERABAD: the former capital of Sindh and an extremely important and historical city in the country, witnessed the tragic incident of the collapse of the Shahi Gate of the solid fort of Hyderabad during maintenance work carried out by the Archaeology Department’s local officers and caretakers on September 2, 2021.
The ancient and weathered Shahi Gate fell at multiple places due to the gross negligence of the local officers and caretakers during the renovation process. An FIR was filed regarding this incident, but no action has been taken so far.
The Shahi Gate, which holds the foundation stone of Hyderabad city, also revealed a historical manuscript that mysteriously disappeared later. In response to this, from September 2021 to January 2024, a continuous series of protests against the negligence and inaction were raised by the mourning committee of Hyderabad and various other constituencies.
As a result of these protests, the Archaeology Department officials were finally removed from the scene, and the foundation stone was installed on the Shahi Gate.
During the installation of the manuscript on the Shahi Gate, the Archaeology Department staff, particularly the security guard named Shah Rukh, not only prevented media coverage but also behaved rudely with media persons. Media persons tried to meet with the Assistant Director Archaeology Hyderabad, Madam Sindhu Chandio, who was present in the office at 4 pm. However, she refused to meet and issued instructions that anyone wishing to meet her should come back tomorrow at 11 am.
The Sindh government, especially the Secretary of Archaeology Sindh, should take immediate and serious notice of the hostile and dictatorial behavior of the appointed officers against the public and the media in Hyderabad. They should not only initiate immediate departmental action against them but also take urgent practical measures to protect the historic fort, particularly the “Baba Ki Gupha,” the third gate of the solid fort, which is under the control of the Archaeology Department, to prevent further damage to this historical asset.


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