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Talk about China – Part 8


Mubasher Mir

Hotpot restaurants are the most popular food centers in China. Although its history is more than a thousand years old. In the Mongols’ era, meat and vegetables were also boiled to eat but most of this style of feasting began in the Qing (1636-1912) Dynasty, when kings, ministers and nobles enjoyed “live cooking” at their dining tables. A large pot was filled with water and placed in the middle of the round table, a high fire was lit and meat, fish, vegetables etc, were boiled and enjoyed together. Mr. Jason and Miss Tong brought us to a good hot pot restaurant, although we were eating these foods now in Pakistan, but eating in China was a pleasure of its own.
When I visited China before, when China Daily hosted us and we were accompanied by journalists from many other countries, we enjoyed hot pot in the historic city of Xi’an, especially But Halal Hot Pot was arranged for us.
The city was the first capital of China, and is the burial place of the Terra Cotta Army. It is located in the middle of China where the Silk Route begins. Miss Tong had also chosen the best restaurant and Halal foods had also been arranged. Hot water with lemon also came to our table while various dishes of raw meat and vegetables were also present. The water was boiling due to the raging fire and we were all practicing eating with “Chopsticks”. You all know how helpful two small wooden sticks can be for eating. Most people around the world still prefer to eat with their fingers instead of using a spoon or fork. When I agreed to go to India, most of the people there ate rice with their hands and licked their fingers with fun. People like this style in Pakistan too. Chopsticks are very difficult, both Shabbar Naqvi and Dr. Muhammad Ali Ehsan had mastered this style of eating, and many people like us were having a good time. Of course, Mr. Jason and Miss Tong had chopsticks in their hands and they quickly knew how to use them.

The meal was being enjoyed and Mr Jason wanted to share some statistics. He said that according to a report about two or three years ago, there are about six hundred thousand Hot Pot restaurants in China alone. Hot Pot is called “Huo Guo” in Chinese, which means fire pot.
The large-scale poverty of the Chinese people has ended, now it is very common to dine out in their culture, according to a report, one billion and forty million Chinese people spend more than 500 billion dollars on dining out in a year. We have also seen that the tendency of people to come to every restaurant is very high. China is a big market for restaurants where there are seven million small and big restaurants across the country. The Chinese spend about a quarter of their income on eating out.
The smoking group was active as they exited the restaurant and then the bus left for the hotel. Now everyone wanted Javed Malik to awaken the magic of his melodious voice and Malik Sahib was mesmerized. Even after spending a full day, there were no signs of exhaustion, instead everyone sat in the lobby and engaged in discussions. Now some hot talk was going on, hot talk after hot pot was fun. It was between me and Dr. Muhammad Ali Ehsan, we had a difference of opinion, with respect, the political role of many important institutions of Pakistan was also being discussed. History, politics, international relations, economy, society, media, etc. We had a discussion on many areas which was very interesting. Learning from each other is very positive.
While talked with family in Pakistan, I was satisfied to know the well-being of everyone in Pakistan and the affairs of the house. Even while living in China, office work was also being done online. After writing the article and sending it to my office through Mr Manzar Naqvi, thanks to him with regards. Although it was late at night, it was necessary to compile a report for the whole day. At the same time, it was also a matter of satisfaction that an economic power like China looks up to Pakistan and Pakistanis. They want to repay Pakistan’s favors, they wish that Pakistan, which was once better than us and helped us, we should help Pakistan today. But it is a pity that the rulers of Pakistan are not listening to the sound of this knock.
After all, the future generations of Pakistan will be able to see a better Pakistan, why is the trend of leaving Pakistan increasing. Pakistan cannot use its resources freely. The reason for this is the lack of real democracy. The real power is not with the people. Who is pushing Pakistan back, some familiar faces are seen behind him, wearing gloves on their hands. I was engrossed in this thought when the phone rang and the voice of Tahir Asghar from Pakistan was heard. When I told him that I was in Beijing, he was surprised and said, “Am I really talking to you in China?”. I said, yes my dear friend.
[6/21, 3:24 PM] Mir Sb: A press briefing was going on at the media briefing center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in which we also participated. A very disciplined demonstration was being seen. Our delegation participated as an observer. We did not see the situation of cross-questioning on the answers. As is usually the case in our press conference. Although, in Pakistan’s foreign office there is a lot of discipline. Sometimes it depends on the situation and the nature of the questions, because the situation at the global level is not normal all the times. Therefore, there was no rush in the questions.
I had the opportunity to participate in the White House and State Department briefings in Washington. Even there, the spokesperson’s answer or explanation was considered sufficient. However, the informal conversation after the press briefing shows relatively more frankness.
Now China is recognized as a major economic power at the global level, while its political and military power is also very prominent. Therefore, the media around the world tries to know more about it, but the western media deliberately ignores it. It also tries to create a negative impression. There is no country in the world where there are no problems, but friendly countries are expected to turn a blind eye even when they see your faults. People recognize two sides in life. The one who exposes the fault is considered as the enemy. On the global level, two different countries support each other’s policies and positions under their own interests, and in the same way, like-minded groups exist.
Pakistan and China support each other’s policies and positions, so both countries are recognized as friendly countries. Pakistan’s Kashmir policy, China openly supports Pakistan at the international level, as well as Pakistan, is a strong supporter of the “One China” policy. China is a wonderful country in this regard, in which the Communist Party of China is the majority party, while there are other parties, but China, being one country, has maintained two systems. Administratively, the country has a policy of one country, two systems, and in foreign affairs, there is a policy of “one China”, while there are also five autonomous regions in the country.
In the One China policy, all regions work under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Hong Kong and Macau, with the characteristics of China, have a socialist system. In many cases, both countries have the right to make independent decisions, but according to the China policy, they are part of the People’s Republic of China, although the United States, Great Britain and other western countries are not supportive of China in this regard, but most of the countries other than the United States remain silent. Especially the situation in Taiwan is very different. Whatever problems China has with Taiwan, Pakistan fully supports China and recognizes Taiwan as a part of China.
In China, HAN’s are 90%, but there are 55 nationalities in terms of ethnicity.
Although they are a minority, their existence is recognized by the state of China. Four major cities in the country have the status of municipalities, whose Mayors are a very important figure in them. Beijing, Shanghai, Tiangiang and Changqing are included. The country consists of 23 provinces while there are five autonomous regions, these are Mangolia, GuangXi, Tibet, Nigxia and Xingiang in the north. Xinjiang, its famous cities are Kashgar and Urumqi. Pakistan. Adjacent to the northern regions, it is located along the Khunjrab Pass. There is a large population of Muslims in this area. There are a large number of people of the Ulygur race, who are from Central Asia, while the Hui race is from the Chinese, and there are differences between them. Of course, in terms of beliefs, Sunni Muslims are more in number, while the number of Shia Muslims is less. Muslims are scattered in different regions of China. Their total population is estimated at 20 million, but Muslims practice their beliefs freely. The reason for the ideological differences with the state of Tibet in the Autonomous Administrative Regions is the views of the spiritual leader there, the Dalai Lama. His position on the One China policy is different, but Pakistan supports the position of the Communist Party of China in this regard.
After the press briefing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the meeting with the officers of the South Asia Department, Mr. Jason and Miss Tong said that now we will be given a visit to Silk Street. Silk and China are closely related. People in China have been using silk for centuries. About 8500 years ago, the people of China learned how to use the natural and for many centuries, no other nation could achieve perfection in this skill, but they were the only one. They have a monopoly in silk production throughout the world. Other nations have also become familiar with this skill, but China silk has its own place. We reached Silk Street in a short time. We started asking pricesand comparing in Pakistani currency. We were shocked to know the prices of the shirts. We realized that shopping at Silk Street is not an easy task because it is the most expensive area of Beijing city.
We praised China Silk heartily and left happily for dinner at Hot Pot Restaurant.

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