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Talking on issues of Palestine and Balochistan

On the one hand, the Palestinians are being oppressed, which has been going on for about three months. Muslims all over the world are raising their voices on this oppression and are talking about every aspect of it as much as possible and clarifying its reality to other people. On the other hand, the Baloch, according to them, have been restricted by their own state. Baloch nation has been protesting against this for a long time. For the past few days, those people have left their homes and have reached Islamabad for justice, but everyone is aware of the attitude of the current government towards them.
Now it comes to the comparison of the speakers on these two issues. For the past few days, I have been seeing that some people are saying that “those who are only talking about the ongoing oppression of Palestine and are silent about the state oppression of the Baloch people, are the biggest hypocrites”. It seems right that those who talk about the Palestinian issue should also talk about the Baloch people because they are both human beings and the ongoing atrocities against them should be discussed and a voice should be raised for them on every platform, but it is not fair to say that they are the biggest hypocrites.
Yes, of course, if the people who have been talking about the ongoing atrocities on the Palestinians are now talking about the Baloch people, and they demand so from those people who were talking about the Palestinians before and now are not talking about the Baloch people. So it makes sense.
But, apart from them, those who have never discussed the atrocities against the Palestinians or, if at all, have blamed the Palestinians alone, or mentioned them in that sense, in which they have been ridiculed or in some way tried to diminish the importance of their struggle and resistance, they have no right to make any such comparison.
By the way, it is pointless to look at the atrocities in Palestine and Balochistan from separate eyes. Even if we see these two problems as human beings, they are problems of the same level because they are both human beings and if we see them as Muslims, again these are the issues of the same level because they both are Muslims. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about these two issues.
Now the problem here is that talking about these two issues has now become the symptom of ideologies and the style of those who are speaking on these issues shows which ideology they are the bearer of. Those who speak about Palestine are usually religious people, while those who speak about Balochistan are mostly those who measure nationalism and regional status instead of religion. The reason for this division is also those people who have little understanding who jump into it without understanding these problems separately.
Without knowledge, a person who makes judgments based on emotions can never moderate and analyse based on facts and tends to lean more towards one side when talking. Yes, it is fine if it is accompanied by critical thinking, but on the contrary, if it is measured by emotions, then it is difficult.
However, it is not possible for everyone to discuss either issue because every issue is completely different and both require separate knowledge and study. Only one who knows about these issues can speak on this. Therefore, whoever is speaking on Palestine should be allowed to speak on it and whoever is speaking on Balochistan that is his will. Moreover, if someone is talking about Palestine and knowing about Balochistan and not talking about it, he is not doing a right thing and if someone is talking only about Balochistan and before that he has not said a simple word about Palestine, this is also equally criminal. This should be kept in mind.
In short, these two problems cannot be separated; whether they are religious people or those who have other ideas. Both need to be understood. It should not be certain that everyone should stick to only one rote phrase and stay on it all the time.
Before discussing a problem, the person must have full knowledge of it. When a person does not know about a thing, how can he speak about it? Therefore, if you want others to start speaking on the issue we are talking about, then first you have to educate them, only then will they learn to speak, but keep this in mind. It is very difficult to convince anyone under the shadow of arrows of sarcasm.