The Beginning Of A New Era Of Democracy In Pakistan

Pakistan’s transition to a new era of democracy

The country is rapidly getting caught up in the difficulties of economic, social and political instability. Corruption is eating the country and national institutions like a termite.

Uncertainty has arisen at every level in the country. Whether it is instability in politics or economic crisis, every sector is causing problems in its own place and the people have been forced to think that no more. Who knows who will cross the boat stuck in the whirlpool of this country, who will be the messiah?

Everyone is waiting for the same, everyone is considering the leadership of their choice as the best for the country and the nation, but the real fact is that today our country and its every institution is facing destruction due to failure and disagreement, due to which many problems are piling up.

They have become the priests of the sun, oblivious to the serious situation in the future, this nation is still suffering from disunity, just as the army has announced to end its role in politics, the politicians should also use power if they come to power. Instead of taking administrative actions against your opponents in a drunken state, try to eliminate corruption and improve the economy, the biggest problem of the country.

Once again hope should be lit, the nation has been forced to think that what will be the time when they will be blessed with two meals a day with dignity? Politicians should keep in mind that the respect of green passport is the proof of Pakistan’s real diplomatic success.

If green passport is not respected in the world, then there is no respect for this state and its political and military leadership. If we look at the economic situation, foreign exchange reserves are rapidly decreasing day by day.

Abnormal decline in remittances and on the other hand the level of foreign currency accounts tend to decline rapidly. Negotiations with the IMF are stalled and its new terms appear to be tougher than before.

In such situations, it is important that politicians adhere to democratic values, for which there is a powerful House, meet with consensus and settle their issues through negotiation and understanding in the best interest of the country and the nation.

Be it general elections or by-elections, instead of introducing new experiments, they need to put a stamp on the healthy democratic traditions in the country. A picture has been created which has been suffering from political and social deadlock for the past several years. On the other hand,

Hoshar Bahmangai has turned the life of the common man upside down. Despite the passage of many months, the flood victims are waiting for relief and rehabilitation. Farmers seem to be facing uncertainty regarding the cultivation of crops. Terrorism is happening in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan, from which it is felt that once again the terrorists have organized themselves in these areas which should be suppressed.

With the announcement of the former chief of the Pakistan Army to end the role of the army in politics, it is felt that a new era of democracy is beginning in Pakistan. Now is the time to change this outdated system of the country.

Former Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s reiteration of the army’s pledge of non-interference in politics is a welcome thing, but in this background, practical steps should also be taken. It is a fact that if the establishment remains neutral as per its declaration, then a new era will begin in the country’s politics. Sorry, till now politics in our country has been limited to making palaces with cars, necklaces, watches and other gifts.

It is a fact that the country cannot move forward without establishing the rule of the constitution. People will not trust this system until democracy is maintained in the country, strengthened and the fruits of democracy reach the common man. Until we give our people their right, unity cannot be established in the country.

The current set-up has completely failed to solve the problems of the people including inflation, unemployment, people are fed up with the current government, the current rulers have previously they have disappointed the people by increasing the inflation rate and have proven that they do not care about the people by forgiving their cases.

Money should be taken back from those who looted the country’s wealth and deposited in the national treasury so that the country can avoid becoming a defaulter, but these people did corruption for their own personal interests, so these people will never bring back the looted wealth from the country.

All the previous governments made promises and claims to bring back the national wealth, but none of them could fulfill their promises. Therefore, knowing this opportunity, the politicians should do positive politics in the country. There is a need to take practical steps to rid the country of corruption and usury. slot slot pulsa slot slot online