The philosophy of pilgrimage of Imam Hossein and Arbaeen walk

Imam Hossein’s Arbaeen (40th day after martyrdom of Imam Hossein) is one of the most important events in human history after Ashura, as well as a turning point in the history of Islam and Shiism.
Based on a narration from Hazrat Imam Hasan Askari, commemorating the day of Arbaeen and pilgrimage of Hazrat Imam Hossein on that day is one of the five signs of a believer.
For several years, the pilgrimage of Imam Hossein has taken on new dimensions; in such a way that Shiites and lovers of Ahl al-Bayt from all over the world, especially from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc., as the participants in the magnificent and spiritual Arbaeen walk, form the largest public gathering in the world.Certainly, such a simple but magnificent ceremony, with various aspects of faith and social values, brings blessings in abundance and provides valuable opportunities of progress to the Islamic community.
Among the other achievements of Arbaeen is, it’s great effect on the personal and social moral values of the participants. Attendees in this walk get opportunity to think about their current situation and future common goals; they get motivated to think about; what should be done for making progress in their lives and what behaviors should be removed to keep good interaction with others, especially in strengthening the best relations with their families and relatives. Paying attention to these points makes the ground for spiritual wellbeing and ethical transformation after returning from this trip.
It provides ground for cultural, social and even economic progress of people. In this article, we will look at some positive social aspects of the Arbaeen march.
A) Promoting Love, Sympathy and Brotherhood:
One of the best social achievements of the Arbaeen procession is that all participants feel intimacy and sincerity with each other.This gathering creates an environment of sympathy and brotherhood. In this huge gathering, Ahl al-Bayt’s lovers from dozens of countries and various nationalities, with purity and love, gather together to mourn their lmam and to make his creed their motto. In the light of this sacred gathering, the opportunity is provided for society to be formed with highest type of moral and spiritual values.
We can see human ethics and modest behavior in it and we notice everyone with each other in the utmost purity, intimacy and love, regardless of color, race and religion, moving in one direction and with a specific destination, which is Imam Hossein’s holy shrine together with his heavenly path.
B) Promoting Generosity and Hospitality:
According to narrations, generosity brings a person closer to God and make him able to enter heaven.The global ceremony of Arbaeen e Hosseini also shows beautiful scenes of kindness, sincerity, forgiveness and generosity in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and other regions.
As the days of Arbaeen are approaching, the lovers and followers of Hazrat Imam Hossein, in Iraq and other countries use their material reserves to welcome the pilgrims of Imam Hossein, serving numerous processions on the way.
Leading to Karbala, they bring food and thier commodities to fulfill the various needs of the pilgrims in order to show and express their devotion to Imam Hossein.
Such a move will indeed institutionalise the spirit of self-sacrifice in the people. We can call the Arbaeen march the biggest show of human generosity and sacrifice in the world. Therefore, the biggest gathering in the history in the season of Arbaen can be a best example for teaching generosity, brotherhood and
Sacrifice for people around the world.
C) Promoting Social unity and Cohesion:
Arbaeen is the largest human gathering centered on the teachings of Ahl al-Bayt. The most important feature of this stunning presence is show of universal Muslim unity and solidarity.
In this great procession most of the participants think about promoting the grand unity of Muslims.
They know that the unity of Muslims based on the commandments of Almighty Allah, Islam, the Qur’an and Ahl al bait’s teaching can bring blessing to the Muslims.The holy Qur’an, and Ahl al bait have always taught the Muslim people to keep united, ignoring their minor disputes. On the Arbaeen march the participants practically demonstrate thier true faith and love for Allah Almighty and Ahl al bait. On this grandeur occasion of Arbaeen, every year more than twenty million people move in one direction for the sake of Islam, showing thier deepest devotion to Imam Hossein. Everyone in the procession thinks about the same goal and has a common point, and this is an important factor for the formation and continuation of the universal Muslims unity.
d) Seeking Justice and Standing against tyranny:
Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) says: “O people of ages and generations, be aware that Yazid has placed two ways of humiliation; to humble submission or to accept a proud an dignified death; And how far it is from us to choose humiliation.
The true meaning of listening to Imam Hussein’s call and condoling him is implied in choosing freedom, seeking justice and standing against tyranny; because, the Ashura movement is a trans-temporal and trans-spatial movement for all humanity in all times.