Thinkers and Doers

The way forward for the youth of Pakistan during these testingeconomic times is to enable themselves to become independent thinkersand doers. Pakistan has a majority of the youthful population that should equip themselves with the insights and experience to tread through these times of economic uncertainty. The youth of Pakistan need to become independent thinkers for various reasons.
First, they need to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Thiscomes through knowing their life’s objectives, mission, and vision. Itincludes what they want to achieve in their life and the strategiesthey will use to get there.
Second, the youth needs to be certain about the direction they want topursue in their personal and professional lives. They have to beassertive about what they want and be direct in their communication.They should be humble and modest yet confident in their approach.
Third, to become an independent thinker the youth needs to be curiousand question everything. This includes seeking advice and suggestion,analysing information obtained from sources, and acquiring in-depth information and research about the topic and the task at hand.
Fourth, the youth needs to develop a reading habit to absorb contentthat broadens their mind. This content includes books,newspapers, and magazines. The idea is not to just read but tounderstand the content. Reading non-fiction enables you to gatherknowledge and information about a specific topic and to learn moreabout subjects including but not limited to science, history,psychology, economics, etc. Reading non-fiction enhances criticalthinking skills that help you to acquire insights into complex ideas,theories, and arguments.
It also augments your personal developmentand growth by acquiring insights into human behavior, motivation, andself-improvement among others. You also learn about new skills thatcan enhance your performance and add fuel to your professional side.Moreover, career advancement aspects are also enhanced as readingkeeps you to stay informed about industry trends, new technologies,concepts, and best practices.
Furthermore, the youth of Pakistan need to step away from the traditional mindset of acquiring formal education and yearning for a nine-to-five job. The youth has to focus on developing their skills and enhancing them with continuous learning and experience. The era we are currently living in and the one ahead of us will benefit those who can work remotely, aretech-savvy, can develop content on the go, have the tendency to meet deadlines, do research, and create a balance in life and career.
The era of sitting behind a desk is coming to an end as organizations are deployingremote teams across countries and continents to complete goals. Pursuing a career in freelancing will be beneficial for the youth. Theyouth in Pakistan studying in class ten and intermediate should understand the value of their life. They need to visualize their career path and what objectives they have to achieve as a freelancer. The course content and curriculum should be restructured to facilitate the skills, vision, and objectives of the youth. They should be encouraged to develop a foresight about their skills.
To become successful freelancers, the youth of Pakistan need todevelop a mindset that values independence and self-reliance. Theyneed to have the ability to work independently and take ownership oftheir work. Freelancing requires discipline, dedication, andhard work. Therefore, the youth of Pakistan need to cultivate a strongwork ethic and a commitment to continuous learning andself-improvement.
Another critical aspect of becoming a successful freelancer is todevelop a specialized skill set that is in demand in the globalmarketplace. These skills include among others time management,communication, self-discipline, technical skills, financial management, marketing and promotion, adaptability, creativity, problem-solving, client management, organization, attention to detail, research and analysis, project management, networking, collaborating, etc.