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Thousands of miles with CPEC: The symbol of Pakistan-China relations

In a celebration of an enduring partnership that has withstood the test of time, the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises’ Association (APCEA) and the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) came together to launch a groundbreaking promotional endeavor titled “Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations.” The event, held at the Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS), not only commemorated the ten-year milestone of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but also underscored the strength and significance of the diplomatic ties between Pakistan and China.
CPEC, a monumental initiative that was set in motion in 2013, has evolved into a symbol of the unwavering brotherhood between Pakistan and China. Its influence is felt far and wide, touching every facet of life in both countries. Beyond its macroeconomic contributions in sectors such as Power, Infrastructure, IT, and Agriculture, CPEC has played a pivotal role in fostering cultural ties and forging a Pak-China community of shared interests.
The “Thousands of Miles with CPEC” project look deep into the social aspects of this transformative endeavor. It captures the personal experiences of individuals who have witnessed the profound changes brought about by a decade of CPEC. From common citizens to government officials, from local employees to diplomats, this project paints a vivid picture of how CPEC has left an indelible mark on the lives of people from diverse walks of life.
The event featured a powerful screening of an exclusive video documentary, which showcased the exceptional significance of CPEC as the flagship project of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. The documentary emphasized the strategic importance of Gwadar Port, the zenith and focal point of CPEC, serving as a bridge between the One Belt, One Road and the Maritime Silk Road. With breathtaking scenic shots, the documentary provided a bird’s-eye view of the major contributions made by CPEC projects, substantiated by compelling facts and figures.
To pay homage to the ten years of unfaltering support and cooperation offered by China, a special feature report titled “Thousands of Miles with CPEC: The Symbol of Pakistan-China Relations” was unveiled. This report not only outlines the narrative of CPEC but also extols its accomplishments as a landmark in the enduring Pak-China relationship. It narrates stories of Chinese companies fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and shines a light on the depth of the friendship shared by Pakistan and China.
As a testament to the spirit of collaboration and solidarity, Chinese enterprises operating across Pakistan, spanning various sectors, contributed mini documentaries. These films feature testimonials, personal accounts, and inspiring experiences of project employees and local individuals. They will be released as part of a docuseries under the “Thousands of Miles with CPEC” umbrella, exemplifying the shared journey towards a prosperous and promising future for both Pakistan and China. It has been elaborated that, CPEC stands as a testament to the enduring brotherhood between Pakistan and China. It is not just an economic initiative; it’s a bridge of friendship, a symbol of collaboration, and a beacon of hope. As President Xi Jinping once said, “Our friendship with Pakistan is unbreakable, and our cooperation is unique.” In the spirit of CPEC and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Pakistan and China are bound by a shared vision, one that promises a future even more prosperous and vibrant. As we celebrate a decade of CPEC, let it serve as a reminder that, together, there are thousands of more miles to cover on the road toward a brighter tomorrow.
CPEC has many impressions on Pakistan economy and its society. One of the most significant impact of CPEC has been on Pakistan’s energy industry. Notably, it brought forth the introduction of supercritical coal-fired power plants and pioneering hydropower projects. These initiatives have not only illuminated the lives of Pakistan’s citizens but have also provided a significant boost to the nation’s economic prospects.
CPEC’s contributions extend far beyond the energy sector. It has catalyzed the development of critical infrastructure projects. The Lahore Orange Line project, cross-border optical fiber cable, and the Sukkur-Multan Motorway have revolutionized transportation and connectivity within Pakistan.
Chinese enterprises involved in CPEC have demonstrated their commitment to corporate social responsibility. During times of disaster, they generously donated funds and essential supplies. Moreover, these enterprises have invested in technical schools, offered scholarships to Pakistani students, and provided crucial technical training to local farmers and women. The results of these initiatives have been empowering, enriching the Pakistani workforce.
Beyond the confines of Pakistan, CPEC has also created opportunities for local engineers and technicians. Many of those trained during the corridor’s development have found opportunities to work abroad, contributing their expertise in countries across the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and Europe.
While international uncertainties persist, Pakistan’s inherent strengths in terms of human resources and geographical advantages continue to instill confidence in CPEC’s potential. It is firmly believed that the Pakistani government and its people will successfully navigate the challenges that may arise, bolstering the corridor’s long-term success.
CPEC has been a game-changer for Pakistan’s economy. The project has helped Pakistan overcome its energy crisis by adding thousands of megawatts of electricity to the national grid. It has also improved Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure through the construction of new highways, railways, and airports. Additionally, CPEC has created thousands of jobs in Pakistan, reducing poverty in the country. As Pakistan marks a decade of CPEC, it reflects on a remarkable journey that has had a transformative impact on its present and future. The shared vision of China and Pakistan, under the guidance of the BRI, promises an even more prosperous and vibrant future for this enduring partnership.