100 successful years of Communist Party of China


In political party particularly as youth, woman and minority are largely excluded from representative institutions. Younger generations are sufficiently represented in party membership, leadership and legislatures. Its mean trust in traditional party politics.
Political parties are the main gatekeepers for candidates to participate in elections of young people’s political participation at local, regional, national & international levels. Political parties often require long-term commitments, in which they can obtains education & to establish themselves in the labor market. Political parties could do more to encourage youth to run for office & could consider nominating younger candidates for municipal elections.
China is the world’s second largest economy as a developing country. That is why China is considered one of the largest markets in the world. Its strong economy, volume of imports, growth of technology, its growing role in global affairs and its vision of global collective development.
The most important point behind China’s extraordinary achievements in terms of economic and social development is the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the wise and far-reaching decisions.
Chinese have always been at the forefront of the United Nations peacekeeping force. It has always been trying to provide humanitarian aid and China’s supporting role in the recent epidemic is not hidden from anyone.
China has made rapid development progress in recent times, and today China is not only the world’s second largest economy but also playing a leading role in global & regional affairs. Raise any section of life whether it’s economy, students, education, health, defense, science, information technology or space sector, telecommunications and artificial intelligence revolution, China will always be at the forefront.
President Xi Jinping’s central Communist Party of China is to give priority to the people in all matters. Have seen a practical glimpse of this in recent times during epidemic prevention and control. China’s successful anti-epidemic model in the global epidemic has become an example to the world. The world is strong & full of Chinese leadership. Timely decisions are important milestone in modern human history.
The Communist Party of China introduced an effective & comprehensive system of governance and provided strong leadership that led China to development and today China is the world’s largest developing country in the world and is an important partner of the system. The formation of the Communist Party of China, also known as the CPC, has now taken ninety-nine years. On July 1, 1921, the party was founded with only 58 people, and today, after 100 years. The number of party members has risen to more than 090 million.
On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established. The Communist Party has pledged to bring China into a strong, moderately prosperous society & a modern socialist country, and this journey of success continues today.
Reforms were introduced on the broad scale after the Communist Party of China came to power. The growth of the economy in the beginning was a key point which guaranteed a modern China. In 1978, the CPC leadership introduced a policy of reform and openness in the country. It provided a solid foundation for rapid economic and social development in China. After all, the miraculous development of the Chinese-characterized socialist system has been achieved very fast and today China is the second largest economic force in the world. All of this the public’s priority over time has been the most important component of China’s policy-making, which has lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty and provided the public with all basic necessities, including health, education, employment, and housing.
It also needs to be understood that the CPC is not part of the government. As a ruling party in China, it, along with eight other political parties, sets out guiding policies and development goals. It has an executive body which is responsible for implementing policies. But since the CPC is a large party of more than 90 million members, many party members also hold important responsibilities in central and local governments. The main purpose of leadership is the people together with the completion of a prosperous, strong, democratic and culturally developed and modern socialist country, this is the basis of the CPC’s popularity among the people. All political parties, organizations and various circles of Chinese society in China’s political system. They are encouraged to be able to speak openly and provide guidance on important political, economic, cultural and social issues.
The advantage of the CPC is that special attention has been paid to the representation of youth, women and various minorities here. Over time, the CPC also adapted itself to the requirements of modern times. The CPC also has a strict standard of accountability and discipline, that is why any political affiliation is at stake. Disciplinary actions are taken including suspension of members who violate the rules and regulations or party officials who commit negligence.
China is now striving for green development to ensure the protection of the environment. To be made Chinese President Xi Jinping is an advocate of a common future for humanity and he always speaks of the rights of developing and poor countries. China strives to globalize governance as a major responsible country The protection of the system, the recovery of the epidemic economy, the protection of international peace and stability, and the delivery of the fruits of development to the people of all countries should also play an active role.
Given the strong and stable relations between Pakistan and China, the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistani business Communist are keenly looking for China’s development strategy. China is linked to the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor a new chapter to the long history of close and comprehensive partnership between the two countries. As China moves forward with Pakistan’s strong economic ties, China’s economy will grow steadily and sustainably.