1349 conferred degrees at 10th Convocation of DUHS

KARACHI: Imran Ismail, Governor of Sindh, said that in medical, female students who have been staying at the forefront in the field of education are found left behind in their professional lives. Sindh Government wants to support such students to play their part with full responsibility and dignity in their professional careers which they have demonstrated during their educational era. He talked while speaking as the Chief Guest at 10th Convocation of Dow University of Health Sciences held at the Cricket Ground of Ojha Campus, Karachi, says a Press release.
According to the Dow University of Health Sciences statistical record, the 10th Convocation conferred the degrees to 1349 graduates, postgraduates diploma and doctorate students while PhD degrees were awarded to 2 students this year. The conferment of the degrees, 27 gold medals, 27 silver medals and 27 bronze medals were presented to high achievers for their outstanding performance by the Governor of Sindh Imran Ismail.
The event was attended by the Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy, Pro Vice Chancellor Dr. Zarnaz Wahid, Pro Vice Chancellor and Chairperson Convocation Committee Dr. Kartar Dawani, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Khawar Saeed Jamali, Registrar DUHS Prof. Amanullah Abbasi, Principal Dow Medical College Prof. Amjad Siraj Memon and Vice Principal Dow International Medical College Prof. Ramlah Naz. While senior faculty members including Prof. Syed Mukarram Ali, Prof. Zeba Haque, Prof. Saba Sohail, Prof. Fawad Ali Musa, Prof. Nawaz Lashari, Prof. Sanam Soomro, Prof. Zahid Azam, Prof. Nadeem Ahmed, Prof. Sumbul Shamim, Prof. Jahan Ara, Prof. Fouzia Imtiaz, Prof. Akhtar Ali Baloch, Prof. Nisar Ahmed Rao, a huge crowd of students and their parents were present at the event.
Governor Sindh while addressing the convocation ceremony said that it is a proud moment for you all that Dow University of Health Sciences is among the top 500 universities of Asia and you are a student of this prestigious university. He predicted that all the Gold Medalists high achievers would be girls. Our girls are on the lead in educational grounds, now, we have to bring them up in their practical lives too. He told that when he was a student, his sisters used to beat him up in studies.
He further said that the best graduates of Pakistan look forward to serving abroad. We should feel proud to know that the recent Heart Transplant in America was also done by an alumnus of Dow University. We should make such policies that the students should look forward to serve their own country and utilize their talent on their own people.
He said that Federal Government has started the Successful Young Generation Program on the same thought. According to this program you can take a loan of approximately 50 lakh and start your own small clinic, diagnostic or research center. He hoped that the students receiving their degree today should aim to serve the humanity and their nation and this should be the sole mission of them. He congratulated the parents of the students and said that this is due to their efforts that their children are breathing this day.
While addressing the event, Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy said that Dow University is providing the best healthcare professionals. This is the proud moment for the students as well as their parents. He emphasized the students to serve the humanity at the best of their abilities, especially never deny treating those who are needy people.
He said that every religion teaches the students for the attainment of education. We are providing the best education at Dow University, he added.
Earlier, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Kartar Dawani presented the welcome note at the beginning while Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zarnaz Wahid presented the vote of thanks at the end of the convocation.

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