42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution

This year, the Iranian people are celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic revolution at a time when most of the enemies of this popular revolution, with the Trump administration on their top, and the Zionist regime imagined that they can bring the Iranian nation to its knee through applying maximum pressure and imposing the hardest and the most brutal sanctions of the history, and then celebrate the defeat of the Islamic revolution. But the cruel administration itself got vanished, while the Islamic revolution of Iran is still there, standing tall, as proud and resistant as ever.
Even after the passage of about three years since the beginning of the American unilateral and illegal sanctions and all the difficulties arising from these sanctions, the Muslim nation of Iran not only not succumbed to the pressure but also became more resistant and more hopeful than ever, staring at a bright future, believing that it can overcome even the hardest of difficulties through depending on their own potential and strength.
Dependence on own strength and not relying upon the false promises of the global powers, is one of the main achievements of the Islamic revolution for the Iranian nation and it is an exemplary experience for all of the Muslim nations. Thus, the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that all difficulties and weaknesses of the Islamic world can be overcome easily by using its own strength and through constructive cooperation among the Muslim countries, with no need of intervention by the extra-regional countries, because wherever they have interfered, the result has been nothing other than divisions among the Muslim nations, plundering of the resources of the Muslim countries and spread of terrorism and insecurity.
In this way, effort for freedom from global powers and to resist against their excesses, is another achievement of the Islamic revolution. There is no doubt that a complete freedom from these countries causes losses in terms of money and time, but historical experience shows that affiliation with powers and surrendering to their demands bring much heavier losses and increases their greed. The open insult by Trump of a regional Muslim country and its naming as a ‘milch cow’ by him may be seen as a consequence of affiliation to such countries.
There is no doubt that the deep faith of the Iranian nation in the Islamic values, such as sacrifice and martyrdom in the path of Allah, is the main reason behind their readiness to bear costs and hardships resulting from their resistance against the global superpowers. The Islamic revolution, through propagating the Islamic teachings, inculcated a spirit of resistance in the Iranian nation and other Muslim nations, in a way that today, even after passage of 42 years, and despite of facing innumerable hardships, their spirit of resistance has not only not weakened but has become stronger than ever. It is for this reason that the enemies of the Islamic revolution clearly say that their motive behind exerting pressure on Iran is to break the axis of resistance existing among the Muslim countries.
The cowardly act of assassinating General Suleimani as the main commander of the axis of Islamic resistance and the war against the terrorist groups like Daesh, as well as the killing of Dr. Fakhrizadeh, a renowned Iranian nuclear scientist, can be attributed as a part of the efforts of the global arrogance for breaking the axis of resistance and Iran’s determination to stand steadfastly against the excesses of the US and Zionism.
Such political-economic-security pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran showed that the global powers do not spare any effort, even the illegal and inhumane ones, for bringing the Islamic revolution to its knees. This fact, besides revealing the real face of the global powers, highlights the increasing strength of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s superiority in industries line nanotechnology and stem cells, laser, space, defence and medical technologies and in various other similar fields, that have been achieved only after the Islamic revolution, are the models of the strength of the Islamic revolution of Iran.
As the official authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran have clearly announced a number of times and have also reiterated during their private visits, the strength of the Islamic Republic of Iran is never meant for and will never be disposed toward aggression against any other country or for domination over the region. In fact, Iran’s strength, particularly in the military field, is solely a deterrent against any aggression against this country, not for aggression against others. The fact that Iran, throughout its history, particularly after its Islamic revolution, has not invaded any other country, is a clear proof of the peace-loving nature of the people and officials of my country.
In the end, I deem it necessary to pay homage to Imam Khomeini (RA), the founder of the neo-power, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the great martyrs of my country, who sacrificed their lives during the Islamic revolution and the past-revolution period, particularly during the eight-year war imposed by the regime of Saddam Hossein and also in the war against terrorism over the recent years, and extend felicitation to all Pakistani brothers and sisters interested in the Islamic revolution, on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution.

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