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45th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution celebrated

KARACHI: On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, a grand ceremony was held by the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Karachi. A large number of lovers and supporters of the Islamic Revolution from both Iranian & Pakistani people showed their deep devotion to Imam Khomeini and the leader of the revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei through their participation in this splendid ceremony, says a Press release.
Speakers of this gathering, through expressing their views regarding the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, during their discussion with the audience, emphasized on the continuation of Imam Khomeini’s path.
Ayatollah Raisi, one of Pakistan’s leading religious scholars, appreciated the political and intellectual insight of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei for successful protection, perseverance, and continuity of the path of Imam Khomeini during the last 45 years.
He further said: demonstration of steadfastness against the enemy with complete trust in Allah Almighty and in his nation along with taking timely effective decision in the national interest, were the utmost important characteristics of Imam Khomeini which have been transferred to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khamenei through his thoughtful leadership.
Consul General of Iran in Karachi Hassan Noorian, Director of Iran Cultural Center in Karachi Saeed Talebinia, the wife of martyr Saeed Haider Zaidi & head of the Dar-us- Saqlain Publications Nuzhat Zaidi, while presenting their speeches on the topic of spiritual, scientific and technological achievements of the Islamic Revolution, emphasized on the unity of Muslims for the promotion of the Islamic teachings to resist against the anti-Islamic global imperialist powers.
Dr. Iftikhar Salahuddin, the renowned physician and the author of “Persia; Land of Emperors and Kings”, and the President & Editor-in-Chief of Bol Media Group Nazir Leghari, recounted interesting memories of their visit to Iran, explained the glorious history of the Islamic Revolution and Iran’s progress, which was well received by the audience.
In the last episode of this commemorative ceremony, shields and certificates of appreciation were awarded to some selected devotees and admirers of Imam Khomeini and Imam Khamenei, who rendered important services in highlighting the teachings and objectives of the Islamic revolution and its various material and spiritual aspects in the Muslim society.

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