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5th death anniversary of legendary painter Jamil Naqsh today

Iqbal Jamil

KARACHI: In the realm of art, Jamil Naqsh stands as one of the most celebrated painter in the art world known for his masterful technique and profound exploration of various themes in his artwork. He passed away on May 16, 2019 in London at the age of 80.
Born in Kairana, India, Jamil Naqsh moved from India to Pakistan at the age of eight and faced life’s challenges alone. Although he initially trained in miniature painting under Ustad Sharif, Naqsh was largely a self-taught painter. His creative mind and relentless curiosity drove him to view the world through his unique perspective, avoiding imitation and successfully establishing his own niche in the art world.
Naqsh’s art encompasses a wide range of themes, including his signature subjects of women and pigeons, miniatures, calligraphies, and still life. His portrayal of women and pigeons captures the essence of beauty, and strength, showcasing his ability to convey both the intellect and spirit of his subjects.
His work often draws inspiration from timeless themes such as mythology, nature, and the human condition, reflecting the influence of ancient civilizations and the rich cultural heritage he belonged to. His renowned series “Fisherwoman of My Mohenjo Daro” comprises 200 paintings that beautifully depict the land, culture, and people of our 5,000- year-old civilization.
Naqsh’s exceptional talent is also evident in his painting series such as “Bird of Time,” “Slice of Light,”, “Homage to Picasso,”, and “Homage to Marino Marini”.
Apart from receiving president pride of performance Art critics have also given Jamil Naqsh the title of “The Painters Painter.” They believe that Jamil Naqsh is among those few great painters in history who have adeptly understood the classical traditions and contemporary trends of art.
He will always be remembered as a legend.
Jamil Naqsh Museum in Karachi has beautifully preserved and displayed six-decades of this master painter work. The museum also serves as a cultural and educational resource for art enthusiasts, critics, and students.

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