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7th census data resource for data driven policy: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD: Federal, Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal on Friday said the data collected through 7th Population and Housing Census-2023 is a strategic resource for ‘Data Driven Policy Making’.
Ahsan Iqbal appreciated PBS on completing gigantic activity of 7th Population and Housing Census in challenging timelines during his visit to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) after assuming the charge of the Ministry, said a press release issued here.
Prof. Ahsan Iqbal anticipated that it is the time to get the benefits from the digital Population Census that was conducted in 2023 and was approved unanimously.
Professor Ahsan Iqbal announced to conduct First Data Fest in Pakistan in 2024, the initiative of First Data Fest will be a great step towards extending the benefits of data and bridging gap between data producers and users. As it will inform Government and Private Sectors, Academia, business communities how to get benefit from Data.
“The population Growth Rate of Pakistan is 2.55% which is alarming and indicative of decline in proper allocation of resources”, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal.
“Efforts should be made to work in collaboration with universities to share practical knowledge with students of Statics and relevant Field’, Prof. Ahsan Iqbal.
For Price Governance and controlling inflation, PBS has developed Decision Support System for Inflation (DSSI). The live demonstration of system was presented by Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Gondal, Member (Support Services/IT).
Chief Statistician, Dr. Naeem uz Zafar, Member (Support Services), Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Gondal and Member (Census and Surveys) along with senior officers of PBS extended a warm welcome to the Minister and congratulated him on assuming his responsibilities. The purpose of visit was to have an overview of the latest developments and initiative taken by PBS to generate reliable data for Policy Making and Development Projects.
Dr. Naeem uz Zafar, Chief Statistician informed him that PBS has taken initiative to adopt “Three in one” approach to implement the “Integrated Digital Count” Strategy i.e., Integration of Agriculture, Mouza and Agricultural Machinery counts into one Census I.e., 7th Agricultural Census (Integrated and Digital count).
The field work will be carried out in 2024. Further, PBS is going to launch the results of 7th Population and Housing Census after which the First Data Festival will be conducted. PBS has completed Re-basing of National accounts that is a great step towards improving GDP.
Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Gondal presented live demonstration of Decision Support System for Inflation (DSSI) which can be effectively utilized for controlling inflation. Implementation of Decision support system will provide data for PSDP baseline monitoring.
The Minister showed satisfaction over all the initiatives and innovations and anticipated that these initiatives will provide reliable grounds for informed decision making. Further, he emphasized that correct utilization of Census data will lead the country towards Development and approved the conduct of first Data Fest.
While talking on results of 7th Population and Housing Census he said that Population of Pakistan showed a decreasing trend in 2017 Population and Housing Census, but the trend is again increasing in 2023 Census, which is alarming.
There is need to work on Population Development Projects at Provincial level. The implementation of these projects is essential for improving the standard of living. – APP