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7th Student Olympic Games-2023 end in colorful ceremony

General Trophy of A-Levels goes to Highbrow College; General Trophy of 6th to 8th grade goes to Happy Home School; CAS School wins O Levels General Trophy with 2600 points

KARACHI: The 7th Student Olympic Games-23 ended in a colorful ceremony, Highbrow College won the General Trophy of the title category A Levels of the 7th Student Olympic Games-23, Highbrow College won the first position by securing 2800 points, O Levels. CAS School stood first with 2600 points while Happy Homes School won the General Trophy with 2150 points in the sixth to eighth grade competitions.
Karachi University won the two university games of catchball and throwball. According to the details, the closing ceremony of the 7th Student Olympic Games were held at the Pakistan Sports Board Karachi Center.
The chief guest of the ceremony was Saeed Arain, Chairman of Pakistan Rookball Federation, who along with other guests was among the winning teams of 18 sports participating in the 7th Student Olympic Games, Prizes were distributed.
On this occasion, Saeed Arain said that it is necessary to have a healthy mind for a healthy body. The farm is where sports are promoted at the grassroots level, providing an opportunity for players from primary to university level to showcase their talents, 4500 from more than 100 schools, colleges and universities in the 10-day games. The participation of male and female students makes the success of these sports, I hope that its popularity will increase in the near future.
On this occasion, Abdul Wahab, the owner of KMC Futsal Airfield and a well-known businessman, said that the prizes given in the closing ceremony of the 7th Student Olympic Games surprised him, everything from medals to trophies was standard, there was no clause. That these games will prove to be a game changer in Karachi in the coming time, he congratulated the organizers for the wonderful event and expressed his desire to continue his full cooperation with the Pakistan Student Olympic Association Administration in the future.
Pakistan Student Olympic Association President Maqbool Arain announced at the closing ceremony that the winning school and college teams in the 7th Student Olympic Games have been selected for the Asian Student Games and International Students Games 2023 and 2024.
In the closing ceremony, martial arts and rope skipping players also showed a wonderful display. Rauf Abbasi, CEO of Karachi Grace Healthcare, Imran Yusuf, Director of Pakistan Sports Board Karachi Center, Karachi Student Olympic Association were among the guests who distributed the prizes.
Chairman Faisal Zafar, Secretary of Pakistan Catchball Federation Umma Laila Kulsoom, Mudassar Arain, Director Women Sports Complex Yasri Junaid, Batul Kazim, Muhammad Junaid Hidayat, Makhdoom Irshad, Ayesha Razzaq, Major Faheem Ayaz Rao, Masoom Abbas, Madam Akhtar, Muhammad Saleem, Taimur Mustafa Director of Studies CAS School, Cricketer Hamza Qadir, Humira Siddiqui, Ismail Shah, Hasan Imam, Ivan Federic, Adnan Tareen Khan, Qurban Ali Chachar, Khalida Iftikhar, Jaffar Ali Shah and others were also present.

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