8 Feb elections: Likely scenarios

The world is watching how elections are being stage managed and its reaction by the people of Pakistan. ECP should feel proud of excellent arrangements made to provide so called level free play ground to all the political parties to run their election campaign freely except most popular political party of the country the PTI. This is a unique election of its nature in the history of Pakistan where most popular party has been denied and deprived of its party symbol thus forcing them to contest as independent candidates with different symbols mainly to confuse the voters. This is the only party whose corner meetings and arranged public meetings are being disturbed by police, reports are pouring in where PTI independent candidates are being victimised whereas the other two main stream parties PML N and PPP leadership and their candidates are busy in addressing public meetings and enjoying best administrative support and live coverage on different TV channels. During public meetings these main stream parties instead of focusing on party agenda most of the time is wasted in criticising IK and its party. Perhaps it is the only party whose maximum candidates were harassed and hurdles were created in filing their nomination papers. We have seen how administration is busy in providing other parties highest protocol.
People are now much wiser and are very clear about the value of their vote therefore it is difficult to predict which way the wind blows but looks if PTI candidates are no more harassed during poling votes shall carry the day. Some anchors are building up narrative if NS shall sweep Punjab against the ground realities where as in spite of hurdles created against PTI it has edge over all other parties. In fact the PML N is facing internal rift that may badly affect their vote bank and upset their overall plans.
There are two possibilities. Firstly the turn out may be extremely low if that happens PML N shall face lot of problem. Secondly voters may turn up in huge number specially the younger lot that would only vote PTI independent candidates to have upper edge over all other parties. Nation has observed practically that sentences awarded to IK on different charges in quick succession to demoralise PTI supporters had no effect and graph continues to show upward trend. Keeping in view the current charged political atmosphere rigging may be bit difficult and shall prove to be a very tough exercise, voters have decided to remain peaceful,no more fear from
police and other law enforcement force engaged in supervising the polling stations. In view of presence of polling agents of various political parties present in the polling stations manipulation of votes may not be possible if any dispute sparks it shall be difficult to control the situation.
Unfortunately, over 75 years civil governments somehow or the other preferred the help of establishment to run the government instead of improving upon the governance and acted according to dictates of powers that matter. This has been major weakness that resulted in criticism and ultimately were shown the door. Our politicians failed to remember golden saying” Those who hire has the authority to fire”. No lesson learned. Once again action replay is in place. Just imagine and trace the journey of Nawaz from UK to Pakistan and the protocol given to him is a singular example in the political history of Pakistan. Lesser said better it is. With deals power gained is always temporary and sometimes short lived and you are bound to act and respond according to the wishes of the facilitators. But it can be anticipated this time elections won’t be bed of roses, looks there is going to be big upset and that may force the power brokers to change their mind and plan in the larger interest of the state and that would be right thing to do. It is very clear in spite of the full support of all those who matter PML N has not been able to attract voters and still relying on power brokers.Keeping in view the poor economic condition of the country and deeper polarisation amongst federating units any mishandling may end up in
an unfavourable situation and land us in river of no return. The best and lasting option is to ensure that elections are held in most transparent manner free and fair without any interference from any direction as political engineering shall add only to further instability and alleged selected government shall not be able to control the situation. We had enough of experimentation in running the state through selected governments it ultimately ended in gross failure and therefore let us respect the mandate. It was heartening to learn that ECP has served notice to Atta Tarar of PML N and Misbahur Rahman of PPP on charges of selling and buying votes, but won’t it be better to disqualify them to serve as deterrent for others. Let us pray Allah for peaceful elections and transfer of power. The losers should welcome the winners and respect their mandate and work together for prosperous and brighter Pakistan.