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93% of married Pakistanis are happy with their spouses

ISLAMABAD: In a recent survey conducted by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, a staggering 93% of married individuals in Pakistan reported feeling satisfied with the level of dignity and respect they receive from their spouses.
The nationwide study, which aimed to gauge marital contentment, provided insights into the dynamics of marital relationships across the country.
A representative sample of married adult men and women from diverse urban and rural areas of all four provinces of Pakistan participated in the survey. From July 7th to July 16th, 2023, Gallup & Gilani Pakistan reached out to 929 respondents through telephonic surveys (CATI),
ensuring a balanced representation of the country’s diverse demographics.
The survey carries a confidence level of 95% with an estimated error margin of approximately ± 2-3 percent.
When asked the pivotal question, “Considering your married life, please tell me to what extent are you satisfied with your spouse regarding ‘Treating with dignity and respect’?” the responses were as follows:
This resounding expression of satisfaction within marital relationships across Pakistan showcases a positive trend in the perception of spousal treatment and mutual respect. The findings underline the strength and resilience of the institution of marriage in the country.
The survey, conducted and released by the Gilani Research Foundation in collaboration with Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, provides valuable insights into the dynamics of matrimonial bonds in Pakistan. These results could serve as a basis for further analysis of the factors contributing to marital satisfaction and the challenges couples face in their relationships.
The overwhelming majority of respondents expressing satisfaction with the treatment they receive from their spouses highlights the importance of mutual respect and dignity in the institution of marriage. It suggests that Pakistani couples, irrespective of urban or rural
backgrounds, place great emphasis on maintaining harmonious and respectful relationships within their marriages.
As society continues to evolve, this survey serves as a reminder of the enduring strength of the family unit in Pakistan, and the importance of fostering healthy, respectful relationships within marriages. – NN

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