A conspiracy is being hatched to assassinate me, says Imran Khan

I have recorded a video and named all those elements
tangled in the conspiracy, charged Sialkot crowd told

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ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has made a startling claim that a conspiracy was being hatched to assassinate him, saying that he has recorded a video in which he has named all those elements involved in the alleged US-backed “foreign plot”.
“A conspiracy is being hatched behind closed doors to take my life… I have recorded a video and kept it at a safe place… I have named all those elements involved in the conspiracy in the video,” he said while addressing his supporters in Sialkot on Saturday.
“I knew about it and I got full knowledge about it a few days ago.”
Explaining why he has recorded the video, Imran said, “If something happens to me, I want to let Pakistanis know who was involved inside and outside the country.”
Imran said he has tried to expose in the video the conspirators who had colluded with the “looters” in the country.
The PTI chairman also said that his video will essentially expose all ‘traitors’ and everyone who had a role in the alleged conspiracy.
He added that he was asking the nation for a sacrifice to free the country of plunderers and looters.
The public gathering is part of several rallies being held by the former ruling party following Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman’s ouster from power last month after a no-trust vote in parliament.
Khan also took the authorities to task for their alleged efforts to stop his party from staging today’s rally.
The PTI chairman blamed the fiasco on Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif, calling him and his party a bunch of “cowards”.
Addressing his supporter, he claimed that when in power, his party never stopped his political opponents from holding protests.
“We are the followers of Prophet (PBUH) and we will never bow down to any superpower… we never fear anyone accept Allah.”
Mocking his rivals, Khan said, “Three stooges [Shehbaz, Zardari and Fazlur Rehman] should listen that they cannot come in the way of this Azadi movement.”
“This isn’t politics, but a revolution coming your way,” Imran roared to a charged crowd.
He added that those who were in charge of accountability process did not consider corruption a bad practice and allowed powerful to dodge accountability.
Specifically addressing the youth, he said, “Be prepared, I am sure your passion will defeat everything”. He also told them to “shut down petrol pumps, transport and internet” when he gives the call to do so.
Referring to the pressure on those investigating mafias, he asked, “Where are our courts and how will our institutions face such criminal elements.”
Imran asked the judiciary further why they were not taking any action despite witnessing “destruction of the country and national institutions”.
“If you don’t want to nab and punish them, then let free all small criminals who are currently behind bars.”
The PTI chief claimed that the country achieved the highest industrial progress during his rule, with the crowd cheering to endorse his views.
“Pakistan had its industries, crops, and exports all grew to new highs while unemployment dropped, during my government,” he maintained.
Explaining further, Imran Khan said now when the “looters” were at the helm, inflation has skyrocketed and stock markets are crashing.
Reiterating his often-quoted stance, he asserted that the country couldn’t move forward unless the powerful were brought to justice.
Concluding his speech, Khan invited the people of Sialkot to march towards Islamabad on his call. “I’m confident now you are trained enough for it.”
On April 10, Imran Khan, the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan, became the first chief executive to be removed from office after losing majority in the National Assembly.
Khan’s party, which governed the country for over three-and-a-half years, had been struggling to stay in power as its allies betrayed to join hands with the opposition parties that had joined forces against the government.
While Pakistan’s history has been marred with political instability, no prime minister has ever been removed from office through a no-trust motion.
Ever since his ouster, Imran maintains the stance that the no-trust move was a result of a conspiracy hatched abroad by those who didn’t want Pakistan to pursue an ‘independent foreign policy’.