A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes


Ex-Prime Minster Imran Khan contrary to his previous field of cricket is negating the very basic principal of the game i.e. sportsman spirit to graciously accept his ouster from the power. PTI chairman Imran Khan instead of accepting and realizing the causes of his removal polarizing the political situation to the extreme level through false and misleading narrative or propaganda.
Former PM Imran Khan during his four years’ tenure in power couldn’t have performed or delivered anything but via repeated convenient lies upon lies and that is also without any evidence yet in very strong and pervasive manner trying to evoke the sentiment of the common man through a concoctive claim of “foreign conspiracy or American plot “to topple his government.
Imran Khan due to his incompetency and inefficiency had unravelled and devastated the country’s economy through huge financial turmoil and massive inflation. During the entire rule of Imran Khan Prices of petroleum, fuel, electricity, wheat, flour, sugar, oil, ghee, cement and fertilizer and essential commodities had gone beyond the reach of poor people who were forced to commit suicide due to uncontrolled price hike, unemployment and economic woes. But instead of accepting his failures he was trying to sell the crap which is causing derision and getting heaped on himself. Indeed Imran Khan had lost public support soon after reigning the power due to his misgovernance and economic mismanagement which resulted into sky rocketing inflation and ballooning foreign debt. Pakistani Rupee experienced massive depreciation against US dollar during Imran Khan’s tenure making it highest devaluation of the rupee in country’s history due to the agreement and dictations by IMF. He promised to liberate country from IMF but practically surrendered before the IMF by shamelessly handing over state bank of Pakistan, airports, motorways and parks to IMF control.
Imran Khan deliberately halted China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC by criticizing it through negative propaganda. China made huge investment in CPEC but even then Imran Khan took eight percent loan from China but even then sabotaged the mega project deliberately to appease USA through his ministers Asad Umar, RazaqDawood and PervaizKhattak.
Former prime minister Imran Khan is trying to hide his poor, pathetic and nil performance under the disguise of conspiracy theories which changes every day like his U turns over his statements and stances. Imran Khan is trying to seek people’s sympathy through so called conspiracies invented by him to divert masses attention from his flawed economic policies which devastated the basic infrastructure and pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy like Srilanka.
Imran Khan was drove out democratically and constitutionally through vote of no-confidence against him yet he refused to accept his removal and waged war not against all of his political opponents but every institute of the country including military establishment, judiciary, election commission and media. Imran Khan is relying on his same playbook strategy of division and polarization and hell-bent on dividing the nation and sabotaging the peace by inciting youth for violence and bloody civil war if he is not restored back to the power.
Every day he comes up with a new story, new conspiracy theory, and new blame game, new sort of allegation to keep his followers engaged and provoked by putting them after new truck light. The lies that Imran Khan tells in dramatic manner, the nation has not seen anyone else spread such lies ever before. “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. MARK TWAIN
Imran Khan literally gone very wild and dangerous and maligning state institutions for his vested interests by dragging them into politics. Imran Khan has become a very serious “security threat” for Pakistan integrity, stability and peace the way he is provoking his followers with aggravated false narratives of conspiracy theories. Imran Khan is trying to blackmail and pressurize military establishment by hurling open abuses to them for being apolitical or neutral for not supporting him to be back in power. Imran Khan is a narcissist, ego centric and suffering from histrionic personality disorder and targeting all institutes and political entities who don’t endorse or toe his line and hence label or brand them as traitors.
Imran Khan explicitly challenging military leadership by comparing them with Bengali military leaders of subcontinents Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq who collaborated with Britishers against Siraj-ud-Dullah to oust him from the power. During interaction with his likeminded media persons, Imran Khan fearlessly admitted that he mean “establishment “when he uses the word neutral so as to taunt or bash them during his public addresses, speeches and tweets. Imran Khan simply targeting Army for doing nothing to save his government despite his pleas to Army to intervene and play role of mediator. The defamatory, provocative and unsubstantiated statements are quite damaging for the country and an open violation of the sanctity of the sacred institute of Army and hence providing enemy states to take advantage of the adventurous situation. Indian retired Major Gaurav Arya call Imran khan as multiplier for India as he is turning common citizen or his followers against Pakistan Army by spewing venom against them on daily basis. Imran Khan befooling his followers that he was attempting to liberate foreign policy from foreign influence and that is the only reason he had to face the music but nation is not having short memory they still remember who released Indian Pilot Abi Nandan and gave many calls to Indian PM Narendera Modi which were never received. Imran Khan enacted laws to give NRO and save passage to RAW terrorist Indian spy KulbushanJadhav and supported India to be the member of United Nations Security Council UNSC. Imran Khan raising the slogan imported government rejected forgetting that even his own wife and children are imported. His foreign funding is imported. His sister properties are imported even his own cabinet 15 ministers and advisors were imported and all his party leaders including himself refuse to raise anti USA slogan.
Imran Khan demanded nuking Pakistan if he is not the ruler of the country and in case the power is handed over to his opponents. This narcissistic maniac will burn the country down just to become ruler even if it’s only ashes left. His desperate lust for power ideology narrates that may doomsday come if he remains deprived of the power as life is useless without protocol and excessive access to corruption via power game.
Imran Khan instead of delivering focussed only on targeting his political opponents, his failures had irked the establishment and they advised him sincerely to improve his performance which strained his ties with the military establishment. Imran Khan during the interview disclosed that somehow he came to know since last June that opposition was about to bring no confidence motion against him and he believed that General Faiz should not be transferred till November 2022 as he considered him as government’s eyes and ears to deal opposition’s conspiracy thus he resisted the appointment of new DG ISI.
Imran Khan is jacking up his toxic narrative against country’s institutions including establishment and only yesterday covertly hinted that military establishment want to assassinate him. There is absolutely no truth is such absurd claims they are merely blackmailing tactics and tools to pressurize the military establishment to knee down before him and to simply gain public sympathy. The ongoing fracas by Imran Khan has thrown Pakistan’s political future into a state of limbo embroiled in a fierce tug of war between political opponents. The fascist moves of Imran Khan triggering a political turmoil and chaos which seems impossible to be contained as he has divided the nation with his rigid populist demagogue for the sake of his self-centred ego. The uncertain political situation is rapidly pushing the country towards volatile and contentious elections which will define political course of the country.
The military establishment is showing maximum resilience and restraint to stay away from the filth being created by Imran Khan and his followers.
Imran Khan has made a mockery of country’s institution by making them controversial and even no enemy state has ever caused this much harm to the state which Imran Khan has done. The immaturity and insane moves of Imran Khan risk more upheaval in Pakistan which has badly disturbed the entire nation. Imran Khan has turned into a monster and a moron who is least concerned about national interests over his personal gains. Imran Khan craftily playing victim card by generating anti-USA, anti-Judiciary, anti-opposition and anti-military sentiments to garner public support. Imran khan has jeopardized the entire system of the country for the sake of power only which is creating severe resentment among the strong quarters of the country. Off course chaotic political situation does not augur well for Pakistan’s democracy and it desperately needs to get out of the political mess. Imran Khan has nothing to show in terms of performance thus opting for Pakistan’s old tested political tactic of anti-USA and anti-establishment formula to win the next elections by using these narratives as his election campaign tool.
Things are rapidly turning ugly as modicum of political stability could not be restored which is not an optimistic signal for the country. The political fiasco created by Imran Khan will definitely have long lasting implication for Pakistan as it is said ‘when a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus”.

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